Sara Jay, Siri Guest Star on Britain's Studio66tv

LONDON—VNA GirlsSara Jay and Siri are each scheduled for upcoming special guest appearances on London's Studio66tv. Sara Jay is scheduled for this Saturday, November 2, from 10pm-3am GMT, and Siri is scheduled for November 11, from 10pm-2am GMT.

Studio66tv (previously EliteTV) is Britain's most popular men’s lifestyle brand for television, internet and mobile. It broadcasts live free-to-air 24 hours a day on the Sky Satellite platform in the UK, giving viewers the opportunity to interact with stars via premium rate telephone lines. Prior guest stars on Studio66tv have included Alexis Texas and Tori Black.

Fresh off a trip to Venus Berlin, Sara Jay commented, “I try to get to England once every year or so to shoot and make appearances. I am flattered to be asked by Studio66tv to guest star on their channel. It's a great opportunity to meet new fans. We don't have anything like it that I know of in the States. A viewer can watch on regular cable TV and call the model. Cool stuff. I just hope I can understand what the callers say.... some of the British accents are tricky. Lol."

Siri added,"I am excited to be in to London for this show and other shoots. I'm also arranging a signing for my UK fans - and anyone else who wants to come! It's awesome to have the opportunity to travel internationally and meet my loyal Sirians. I hope to get bookings in the future that take me other countries as well."

Sara can also be seen live on the internet at her weekly Thursday member shows at her official site, . Siri can also be seen live on the internet at her weekly Sunday member shows at her official site, .

Sara Jay can be contacted for bookings in Europe at [email protected] and followed on .

Siri can be booked through and followed on .