Sara Jay and Angelina Castro Release ‘#TeamBJ - Do You Have the Balls’

MIAMI, FL — Miami based porn stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro have released TeamBJ - Do You Have the Balls on DVD. It was initially released on Halloween, exclusively on the official sites of Sara Jay, Angelina Castro and the .

Artwork for the DVD can be seen at — where fans can order physical DVDs as well. The #TeamBJ release is the same week as the opening of the new NBA season.

The #TeamBJ Twitter event was one of the bigger adult scandals of 2012. The two stars pledged on Twitter to give all of their followers a BJ if the Miami Heat won the NBA title, using the hashtag #TeamBJNBA. After the Heat won, the duo vowed to honor the Twitter pledge. The resulting press and publicity was worldwide, with mentions on CNN, appearances on FX Network, and threats from the National Basketball Association (NBA) to sue.

Some sports writers jokingly dubbed the #TeamBJ event “the most important basketball event of the summer.” It was ultimately streamed live, crashing the hosting company's server in the process. One of the twitter followers, “Cody,” who attended and participated in the event said, "I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, even if I knew that there would be keyboard warriors out there trolling about me. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. Sara Jay and Angelina Castro made it so much easier on all of us. They treated us like we were people they knew for a long time."

The full length DVD of the #TeamBJ event includes BTS footage and pictures.

Jay says, "#TeamBJ was a huge phenomenon this year and I was blown away by the response of fans. Yes… followers were brave enough to attend and get rewarded and, yes, we filmed it. It was one of the biggest online events of my career, so I hope the fans get a kick out it."

Castro adds, "When we first made the Twitter pledge, we had a lot of doubters. No one thought we would do it. #TeamBJ was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, so I want to thank all the followers and fans who had the balls to show up and get filmed."

As for how many people were brave enough to show up, Jay recommends that the curious, "Get the DVD and all will be revealed."

What's next for #TeamBJ? The VNA Network's Vicky Vette says, "#TeamBJ will be back at some point. I'm thinking #TeamBJ Cricket might be popular."