Howard Stern Interrupts Newscast to Talk About Stooges Parody

HOLLYWOOD—Howard Stern interrupted the news today on his own radio show to talk about the adult porn parody movie Not the Three Stooges XXX. His sidekick Robin Quivers was delivering her daily newscast when Howard ignited a lively discussion about director Will Ryder's spoof of the Three Stooges.

"I have to mention there's a new porn parody of the Three Stooges," Stern trumpeted as Robin paused mid-sentence.

The adult movie is the first parody from Will Ryder Productions (though certainly not the first from Ryder himself) and has already sold-out of the initial DVD replication run. It is being distributed by Pulse Distribution.

The inclusion of an impromptu movie review on the Howard Stern Show heard on Sirius/XM radio is a huge boost for Not the Three Stooges XXX, which has faced legal challenges from the moment production was announced. See Hollywood Reporter legal story .

Stern, made aware of the porn DVD by Stern Show writer Richard Christy, began to critique portions of the movie live on the air and made hilarious comments about Larry, Curly and Moe and the parody performances of Evan Stone, James Bartholet and Anthony Rosano. Comments about racism were also made when the 'Black Butler' played by Not the Cosbys XXX actor Thomas Ward hit the screen dressed in a period-perfect black tuxedo.

"Wow isn't that a bit racist?" mocked Stern before he broke into laughter as Ward played the post-slave era character to perfection.

"I played the Sambo character and Will Ryder wrote a funny script that really was right for the 1930s so I just cooned it up a bit and those that really know The Three Stooges will remember a recurring role for this character," Ward revealed.

The threat of legal action still hangs in the balance and the DVD could one day be recalled from store shelves, but early sales are excellent and much better than some expected.

"This movie is selling really well and starting to get excellent reviews," stated Robert Plarski of Pulse Distribution. movie reviewer Don Houston wrote in his review, "I rated it as Highly Recommended though this should be considered a 'must have' feature for anyone that appreciates porn parodies and/or the popular comedic trio from so long ago."

Reviewers, radio and television shows interested in a screening copy can request one from the PR office of Jeff Mullen.

"People love the Three Stooges and we're having fun with this parody and I am glad Howard Stern has a DVD copy," Ryder remarked.

"We've been facing legal challenges for a while now especially since they decided to release a mainstream Three Stooges movie around the same time as our porn parody," joked the director, who was crowned the 2010 adult movie director-of-the year for spoofs of the Cosby Show, Married with Children, Airplane and the Brady Bunch. "But this is all in fun and it's obvious that our porn movie was not created by anybody associated with the actual Three Stooges."

Stern continued talking about the porn movie and promised a more detailed review once he had a chance to watch it at home.

"Hmm it's actually pretty good. They seem like they put effort into it," Stern remarked. "Give me a copy; I have to watch this myself."

In true parody fashion, the storyline harkens back to the days of the Columbia Pictures famous shorts that played in movie theaters back in the late 1930s. The boys are unemployed so their girlfriends refuse to have sex with them until they find jobs. Desperately horny, they try anything to find work and end up in wild sexual situations with gorgeous girls. With smoking hot sex scenes including a 10 person sex orgy, Not the Three Stooges XXX delivers equal doses of comedy and sex in a parody package.

Not the Three Stooges XXX stars Mandy Armani, Danica Dillon, Bailey Blue, Callie Cyprus, Cassandra Cruz and Britney Young as the beautiful girls having wild sex. With Anthony Rosano playing Moe, James Bartholet as Curly and Evan Stone as Larry, the trio deliver award-worthy performances. Dick Chibbles is the cop, Thomas Ward the black butler, Chad Diamond the estate owner, Eric Swiss the art professor, and Chris Charming completes a stellar cast playing the hair stylist. The movie is directed by AVN Director of the Year Will Ryder and is a parody.

Not the Three Stooges XXX is a parody! "The Three Stooges" is a trademark of C3 Entertainment. Columbia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, C3, their producers, writers or assignees are in no way affiliated with this parody. The trademarks featured or referred to within Not the Three Stooges XXX are property of the trademark holders. These trademarks holders are not affiliated with Will Ryder Productions and do not authorize, sponsor or endorse the Not the Three Stooges XXX parody.

For wholesale DVD sales of this porn parody, contact Robert Plarski Executive VP of Sales Pulse Distribution at 818 435-1605 or email here.