Cindy Starfall Makes Cinemax Debut In 'Bikini Model Mayhem'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Adult entertainment star makes her Cinemax debut February 6 in Bikini Model Mayhem. This Saturday, the actress known for her powerful XXX performances showcases her acting abilities in a fun erotic comedy directed by Sal V. Miers. In Bikini Model Mayhem, Cindy stars as an android programmed by a corrupt politician to seduce his rivals for blackmailing purposes.

“This movie provided a new opportunity for me to challenge myself in acting and work in a mainstream environment,” said Cindy. “It was an amazing experience and I look forward to taking on more of these projects in the future.”

While the sexy star has dazzled in adult films with performances in movies like This Ain't The Interview XXX, this movie marks Cindy’s first mainstream entertainment venture.

“Obviously, there were a lot of lines and more acting than the typical adult movie,” noted Cindy. “Fortunately, I was able to practice the script with an experienced director and work with actors who helped me with the character.”

“This is the kind of late night cable movie I love,” wrote Valerie Troutman in a review of the movie for “If you are looking for one of these movies to check out, then just like Carnal Wishes, I recommend this one. Heck, I think I recommend this one even more.”

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