Pure Play Media, Score Group Release ‘ScoreTV: Uncut and Uncensored’

VAN NUYS, CA — This is the TV show that Leno and Letterman wish they could do, but can't. On the Score Group’s talk show, the guests do more than talk; they also fuck the other guests. Welcome to ScoreTV Uncut & Uncensored, where huge-titted Score girls do all the things fans want to see on network TV but never have. No lame stand-up comics, no goofy skits, no plugs for movies you don't want to see; just uncensored interviews and sex with five big-boobed performers from the word of Score. ScoreTV: Uncut & Uncensored’ is available this week through adult industry video distributor Pure Play Media.

In SCOREtv: Uncut And Uncensored, the “Cuban Queen” Angelina Castro provides commentary while watching herself get ass-fucked, Kali West demonstrates her sex skills on the set, blonde newcomer Kelly Christiansen fucks in the green room, slim and stacked Nadia Night shows why she's the next big star and Stephanie Stalls does her first anal scene.

“Everybody quiet on the set lights, camera, fuck!”

F-cup Stalls is now a brunette and fucking on camera for the first time. She shows what a nasty, aggressive, dirty-talking sex performer she is, slobbering all over the other guest’s cock and stuffing her tits in his face before getting ass-pummeled. Newcomer Night makes her hardcore debut by demonstrating the Tenga Flip Hole jack toy and proving that she’s a dirty-talking, hard-humping fuck-doll who sucks cock balls-deep and gets fucked in any and all positions. Newly super-sized Latina Castro arrives at ScoreTV to watch her scene with viewers and provide explicit commentary. When blonde, H-cup newcomer Christiansen arrives on the SCOREtv stage, her hair is a bit messed up and there's cum on her tits. Turns out she has already sucked and fucked a SCOREtv staffer in the green room while waiting to come on the show. While our host watches, good-girl-gone-bad West gives an on-stage demonstration of how she likes to have her big, natural tits played with and how she likes to give blowjobs. But West gets so into having her pussy devoured by another guest on the show that the demonstration ends abruptly, with her deciding she’d really rather just have some hardcore sex during the telecast instead.

SCOREtv: Uncut And Uncensored gives fans a funny, light-hearted and intimate view of what it’s like to be on the set of a TV show. Well, not just any television show mind you, but one that appears on ScoreTV and includes lots of busty women having sex,” commented Pure Play Media sales manager Ms. Sonia. “The ScoreTV series has been very successful for us by creating a unique and different outlet for which to set up sex scenarios -- a television studio/show. Fans get to see an up-close look at the personalities of the girls, enjoy a little humor and then see some bra-bursting babes get busy on the set of a TV talk show.”