Maddy G Productions Follows 'Molly’s Mixed Up Adventure'

ERIE, Pa.—Marie’s Play Place has a new employee, Molly Adams, a 50-year-old housewife who’s in for the ride of her life. Molly came in as an innocent housewife who had been married to the same man for 25 years—she was hired to do the books. Little did she know she would be the one getting done.

In Maddy G Productions’ Molly’s Mixed Up Adventure, which streets Monday, March 15, Molly stars along with the usual suspects from Marie's Play Place: Mark Audess, David Hurley, Rodney Wilson, John Michaels, Marie Madison and Bradley Grace. The recently divorced Molly experiences many new things, including a mouth fuck (by mistake), a facial from Hurley, a creampie from Mark, a screwing by a delivery guy half her age, and her first real orgasm. Just another day in the office for Marie and her crew.

“We are so glad to have Molly on board—she’s a new person to corrupt,” says MILF performer, director and studio maven Marie Madison. “I’m glad I was able to give her more than a paycheck—she gets to star in my movie and have her first orgasm. My work is done here this week.”

“Molly Adams is a very unlikely porn star, but she makes total sense in a Maddy G movie,” said Hyland Church, VP of sales for Pulse Distribution. “The Play Place needed a new employee, and Molly is a great addition. Plus, she got her own movie her first time out—very impressive. I’m sure Molly will have a lot of fans and the title will sell well.”

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