Ariella Ferrera Launches Online Store

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—IOS Store announced today that they have officially launched . Ferrera joins the likes of Kelly Divine and Vannah Sterling with online boutique stores driven by IOS.

The store contains various items from Ferrera’s career including worn lingerie, 8x10s, autographed DVDs and other memorabilia. Ferrera's exclusive DVDs and custom video orders ranging from solo to hardcore are also available.

“I always have a great time at shows interacting with my fan base," Ferrera said. "However, I wanted to have a medium to transact with them after the shows are complete, as well as have a way to reach my foreign fans as well, and this endeavor provides that. I am excited about the scripts for custom videos I’ve been receiving and I am working on even more exclusive DVD titles that will only be available via mail order from my store.”