Claims Infrastructure Will Be Resistant to FOSTA/SESTA

CYBERSPACE—SexTech startup has announced that the decentralized nature of its infrastructure will make it nearly impossible to shut the service down and hence make it resistant to harmful regulations such as FOSTA/SESTA. is an Estonian startup currently working on a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure open to third party providers. This solution is said to revolutionize engaging in sexual activities in exchange for payment by utilizing blockchain technology.

Even though the infrastructure will be stealthy, the data owners will still have full control over their data: “Only the data owners are in control of their data; nobody else is able to delete or modify the data—not even us, not even the listing platforms and not even the law enforcement,” said a Hussy spokesperson.

Decentralised systems like blockchain are already disrupting many industries, and the sex work industry won’t be an exception: “The blockchain will increase the privacy, safety and the trust in the sex work industry like we never seen before.”

The sex work industry is notoriously dominated by quasi-legal ventures and often overlooked by digital innovators. Other features of the Hussy system include, for example, a prevention of time-wasting or abusive clients using a security deposit, flexible fee schedule or age verification.

is also planning a crowdsale campaign in Q1 2019 in the form of an initial token offering.