BoodiGo, New Adult-Oriented Search Engine, Launches in Beta

LOS ANGELES—A new adult-oriented search engine called BoodiGo has launched in beta that takes users straight to the online action with no tracking, registration, cookies or hassle, according to its creators.

“Unlike mainstream search engines that go out of their way to avoid adult-related results,” reads a statement issued Monday, “BoodiGo delves only into adult-only content at lightning-fast speed, providing customers with more useful answers to their sex and porn-related queries.”

It adds, BoodiGo also eliminates search results from sites that are known or potential security threats, ensures that all BoodiGo sessions are HTTPS encrypted and works closely with rights-holders to keep unlicensed and illegal content from appearing online, allowing users an enhanced search experience in a safe, private and anonymous setting.

“Boodigo's search algorithm is designed to find ‘real’ adult sites and give top listings to them,” said Colin Rowntree, one of the founders of the new search engine. “That avoids the problem of going to Google, searching for, say, ‘blowjob’, and getting the first multiple results pages of Wikipedia articles, women’s magazine how-to guides, etc., before the online user can actually find a link to sites that focus on blowjob photos and movies.”

BoodiGo also gives weight to name brands in adult, says Rowntree, adding, “If you search for names like Playboy, Penthouse or Vivid, the top listing will be for that studio or company's website. Similarly, any searches for porn stars by name return top of page links to the performer's website and social media accounts, rather than illegal tube sites and file-share services of stolen content.” is operational now at .

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