Thanks Apple for Its Ban on Adult Content

LOS ANGELES—One of the world’s largest adult mobile websites,, has seen tremendous growth in recent weeks, due to the ban of adult content within the iTunes Store.

“We want to formally thank Apple for banning adult content from iTunes,” says founder Matthew Clapham. “After seeing an amazing 30 percent growth in the weeks after the ban, we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The website servers hold approximately 200,000 hours of daily adult content for iPhone users all around the world, and is sure to see that number double in the near future with the current growth patterns.

“Apple has been a great help with the growth and success of and we wouldn't be seeing near the number we are if they had not banned adult content from the app store.”

is a 100 percent free mobile tube site with approx 6800 streaming movies and 24,000 high quality images available direct to your mobile device. They have also added three different size movies to stream, depending if you are on Edge, 3G or WiFi.