Want To Get Into Supplement Biz? The Makers of Sugar Cum Can Help

MIAMI, FL—Adult health supplement company HiPleasures has launched a new business offshoot called to help other individuals and companies get into the supplement game.

33 Innovations Inc. is a one-stop shop that offers everything needed to get into supplements, including manufacturing, innovation, consulting and business plans, branding and strategy, marketing and distribution, and order fulfillment.

33 Innovations Inc. can help with developing product and formulating a product to meet regulations as required by the FDA, NNFA and more, as well as using the best raw materials that go into the actual supplement. They can help make any new product idea into a reality. They can draw up a business plan, come up with a strategy, and help with branding, which they consider to be the crux of any successful business. Marketing is another important element that 33 Innovations Inc. is well versed in, from email marketing to media buying (including Facebook ads) to social media and more to help grow a product. And, the last business solution they offer is order fulfilment to help meet the demands of customers.

“When we first started HiPleasures and began to produce, market, be successful with our first supplement Sugar Cum, people were always asking how we did it and if we could help them too—that’s how 33 Innovations Inc. was born,” said CEO Brittani Feinberg. “33 Innovations Inc. is all about helping people make their supplement dreams become reality. We’ve just launched our site and already had a huge response and many new clients.”

Those who've dreamed of creating, marketing, fulfilling, and being successful with a supplement may contact 33 Innovations Inc. via phone at 786-877-8976 or email at [email protected].

Those interested may find out more about 33 Innovations Inc. by visiting their .