Playboy’s New Travel Show Visits Liberator Factory

ATLANTA—The new reality-based travel show for Playboy TV called Toyride will feature a visit to the Liberator factory on the episode airing Saturday, April 29.

Liberator, the manufacturer of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, will be visited by hosts Nikki and Daniel. Toyride follows the hosts as they travel across the United States exploring different sex toy manufacturers. Episode two has the couple going to Atlanta for a guided factory tour with Liberator CEO and founder Louis Friedman.

“We are very proud of manufacturing in the United States and welcome visitors to our factory,” said Friedman. “Showing people what we do here day in and day out is rewarding and makes all of our hard work worthwhile.”

The episode takes place inside the Liberator 140,000-square-foot, vertically-integrated manufacturing plant. While touring the expansive facility, Nikki and Daniel get a first-hand look at the company’s assembly process from the fabric and foam cutting to the sewing of materials to adding the final touches.

After a rundown of the factory, the hosts escape to the Liberator showroom for additional product education from Marketing Manager Angela Lieben. Nikki and Daniel get a detailed look at Liberator’s finished goods as well as a live-action demonstration.

The upcoming Toyride episode is the latest in a string of other media appearances featuring Liberator. The piece will be aired Saturday, April 29, through the Playboy TV cable broadcast channel. Check local cable listing for programming times.