Treasure Island Media Releases 'Machofucker Ass Stretcher 7'

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media have released the seventh installment of the Machofucker Ass Stretcher series in DVD and DTO formats.

Once thought to be tucked away in the T.I.M. vault forever, the studio brings back the fan favorite Machofucker Ass Stretcher series, releasing the newest volume Ass Stretcher 7. Earlier this year, the studio re-released the first six volumes as two double disc box sets, which are available in retail stores and at the studio's website.

In Ass Stretcher 7, Machofucker delivers on its guarantee of no cock under eight inches. Watch as eight vicious, massively hung top fuckers abuse seven of the world's sluttiest holes to get their nuts off, with no regard for anyone else's pleasure. These bottoms' sole purpose is to be brutally fucked by Machofucker's big dicked Bugarrones, pure and simple.

"You haven't seen a hole get impaled until you've seen this one," said Morris about the latest Machofucker release. "The tops have one mission, to bust a nut, no matter how much their cumdump screams. Stretched, sloppy and full of cum, this one's a must see."

Ass Stretcher 7 is available on DVD and Download to Own (DTO) at the Treasure Island Media website and will be available to retailers through New Barbary Coast Distribution in late January. Retailers interested in carrying this series or any other Treasure Island Media title should contact Jose Johnson.