Zero Tolerance, Team Up for DVD Distribution

LOS ANGELES—Zero Tolerance Entertainment has added a new brand to its roster of studios, announcing today that it will distribute DVD titles from A new brand in the adult space, Screwbox offers stylish erotica marked by high-end production values.

Screwbox is set to release two new titles on DVD and on-demand clips this month, followed by one release a month after that.

“We’re all about the viewer,” says JakoDema, owner and creative director of Screwbox. “We’re focused on bringing people an extraordinary experience that fulfills their vision—their ultimate fantasy. And that means bringing it to life with cinematic style that rivals mainstream production.”

The team at Zero Tolerance couldn’t be happier with the new partnership with Screwbox.

“They make an emotional connection with the audience,” says Dom B, head of production at Zero Tolerance Entertainment. “It’s a combination of the color choices, the specific genre niches—fans get to feel like they’re part of that world because the scenarios are really speaking to them.”

ZT will handle releases from all of Screwbox’s genre categories, including comedic romps, dramatic scenarios, action-packed adventures, and sensual erotica.

“We actually analyze style trends and cater to them,” JakoDema continues. “I believe that’s the way to really cultivate loyal fans. That, and the ridiculously hot talent, obviously.”

Screwbox releases can be ordered from Zero Tolerance Entertainment starting this month. To find out more, visit