Wyde Syde Streets 'Sara Jay Loves to Fuck Interracial' Today

VAN NUYS, CA — It’s never been a secret, but it’s officially not one now, what with Sara Jay Loves to Fuck Interracial being released on DVD today. The inaugural release of Sara Jay’s Wyde Syde studio’s via Pure Play Media grants fans access to content created by and starring the aggressively curvaceous Sara Jay.

Pure Play Media Sales Representative Mike L. said, “Preorders for this first Sara Jay's Wyde Syde release, as well as future releases, have been absolutely fantastic. All I have to do is mention Sara’s name and that it’s her very own line and it’s practically a done deal. Sara Jay Loves to Fuck Interracial streets today, so pick up the phone right now before this one sells out!”

Originally founded in 2011 to bring fans exclusive footage featuring Sara Jay that has never been seen before, Sara Jay's Wyde Syde Productions brings exclusive Sara Jay DVDs to fans who crave content that showcases the star’s sexual tastes.

Sara Jay's Wyde Syde is available exclusively in the United States through Pure Play Media.

For wholesale information, contact Mike L.at [email protected] or 800-929-3267 (x2224).