Who Is 'The World's Biggest Cum-Eating Cuckold'?

GLENDALE, Calif. - Mark Kulkis of Kick Ass Pictures has finally made the movie so freakish that even he can't watch it. The creator of The World's Biggest Foot Job Gang Bang, 5 Guy Cream Pie and Mary Carey's political career is back with his most fiendish creation yet: The World's Biggest Cum-Eating Cuckold.

Due out April 29, The World's Biggest Cum-Eating Cuckold "pits two super-cuckolds against each other in one of the most entertaining and disturbing movies ever lensed," according to Kick Ass production manager/hypemaster Raven.

Real-life sex slave Danny competes with Kick Ass stalwart Les Moore in the stomach-churning contest of cuckoldry. It's hard to say which of these men is humiliated more in the movie, and even harder to watch - which is why Kick Ass is guaranteed to find a big audience for this freak show.

Kick Ass has embraced the Femme-Domme and cuckold genres lately with such titles as Punished By Mommy, Revenge is A Bitch, Cum-Eating Cuckolds and MeanBitches Fem Dom. While Chatsworth Pictures gets credit for targeting the cuckold niche first, Kulkis has undoubtedly produced the most nauseating results. He calls the new movie "sports entertainment" in the tradition of pro wrestling.

According to the movie's synopsis, the contest appears to be a draw:

"Danny is paired with Adrianna Nicole as she takes on 10 guys in a 10 Man Cuckold Cum Slam. Adrianna sucks off all 10 men and when they pop inside her mouth she snowballs it into Danny's mouth. He (gulp!) swallows all of the loads one or two at a time.

"Moore is the other cuckold. He's paired with Samantha Sin who is doing her first (and she claims last) 5 Guy Interracial Cream Pie. Five large black men have their way with Samantha and after each cream pie, Les is forced to lick the cum out of Samantha's honey pot. During the scene Samantha is verbally and physically abusive to Les, making sure he knows her could never compare (size-wise) to the guys who are fucking her."

So who is the World's Biggest Cum Eating Cuckold?

"Fuck if I know," said Kulkis. "I tried to watch it and got sick. Ask our production manager raVen."

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