WCW's Chastity

WCW's Chastity who's billed as Raven's "sister," and is currently the valet to Hardcore Hack [formerly Sandman in ECW], apparently did a porn stint for Pleasure Productions' Jules Jordan at one time. Only this time Chastity was billed under the name, Alexa.

Jordan: "Chastity appeared in my first tape, Live Bait. [The tape was released last September.] It was her and another girl doing an oral scene. They were massage girls down around the Baltimore area. The news just hit the Internet this week. I shot it two years ago. I think she was just starting out in the ECW. I'm pretty much one of the only guys doing this stuff out here, and she came to my attention through various sources. She ended up calling me. We ended up doing something from there. It was a short scene, and it's her blowing a guy with another girl. It was an interesting scenario. These girls were like total flakes and they showed up five hours late. I interviewed them and everything. They looked beautiful. Then they took their clothes off.... So we ended up doing an oral scene. The tape is four sex scenes linked with three blowjob scenes. We're getting calls on this one. Chastity looked good in the scene. It was hot for what it was. She told me she was involved with ECW, but, at the time, it wasn't really a huge deal. How she ended up getting into the ECW, I have no idea.