Voices of Experience: Mindi Mink

The May issue of AVN magazine turns the spotlight on 10 bold, confident and assertive female performers over the age of 35. Interviewed here is Mindi Mink, a girl/girl performer made her debut with Girlfriends Films in 2014. Click here to see a copy of the digital edition.

How do you feel about the term MILF? What about cougar?

I’m actually totally fine with either one. It doesn’t bother me at all. Especially because I truly am a mother. I’m 47 now, so being classified as a cougar or a MILF is a compliment. I don’t think people use those words for women unless they’re sexually desirable. Especially now that I’m filming not just with Girlfriends Films, where I was exclusive for about a year and a half, I know other companies are looking for MILFs, so it will help me get more bookings. So far I’ve worked with Jodi West of Forbidden Fruits Films, and my first scene is out on AEBN. I’m also shooting with Girlfriends again in May and I’ve been talking with Reality Kings, Girlsway and Sweetheart Video about some bookings. I’m still going to do just girl/girl, but there’s a need for MILF and cougar women in those older/younger titles that sell so well. So label me away.

What are your favorite types of movies? Least favorite?

I really love being the dominant older woman when I’m with the young girls, and it fits with my personality and my style. I like to be in control. I haven’t gotten to do a lot of filming with women over 30, and when I did I really enjoyed those scenes the best—except for my dream scene of all time with Dani Daniels, of course. She’s only in her 20s. But I’m drawn to older women who have shapes and curves and boobs. I really like filming with women who are 30 and above, and don’t think there’s enough of that happening. I am continually asked by fans, “Can you film with Brandi Love and Julia Ann and Syren De Mer?” But with older women I don’t feel so much the need to be in control. I wouldn’t mind being dommed by a really sexy woman—it just hasn’t happened yet.

How do you think your career differed because you started later in life rather than right out of high school or in college?

I’m so glad that I didn’t start until almost 45. I feel the older I’ve gotten the more confident I am. Fans have praised me because of my age and the sensuality that I give in all my performances. Even though my body isn’t as good as it was at 20, my sex appeal and confidence and who I am as a lover has been better over time—just like a fine wine. Also, there are not as many women over 40 who are in the industry and doing well, so there is less competition.

So much of porn seems geared toward 18- to 20-year-old newbies who are here today and gone tomorrow. Do you navigate the business differently in terms of getting work, building a fan base and planning your future?

I don’t think there are any differences for older and younger performers. The social network I am using is Twitter. I know I need to do more, other avenues, such as Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat. It takes a lot of time, just the one. But I don’t think here’s any difference whether you’re 47 or 21—we all need to use the social media to promote ourselves and connect with our fans.

I also have the benefit of having a free website, MindiMink.com, for fans to look at photos of me and see what my current movies are. They can also email me to order custom videos and set up Skype dates. I get a lot of fan email that way. That actually has helped me tremendously. Twitter is great, but to really connect with your fans it's important to email them back and show them how much you appreciate their support.