Trump Ads Appear on Pornhub

LOS ANGELES—Some of the visitors to Pornhub this week got a surprise when pop-up ads featuring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on their computer screens.

The ads show Trump making various goofy facial expressions and include a quote attributed to him from either before or during his notorious campaign.

A few of the quotes include, "I love Hispanics," "I have a great relationship with the blacks," and, "You have to treat [women] like shit."

The ethnic-themed ads are tied to Pornhub search terms such as “Latino" and "Ebony," according to the .

Clicking the ads takes users to the official website of Trump's campaign, where a donation amount of $69 is already filled in as a suggestion. But despite the link to Trump's donation page, the ads are not intended to be either for or against Trump, according to the ad campaign's spokesman, Tom Chandler. Instead, Chandler said they are intended to make you think.

"You are having an intimate moment and then a quote from Trump, someone you may have publicly supported earlier in the day, pops up saying, 'You have to treat women like shit.' I think that's really jarring and makes you confront how those different personalities exist within your own system," Chandler told Daily Dot.

He's part of a group of eight people that purchased the ads through Pornhub's ad network, TrafficJunky, according to the story.

Corey Price, the vice president of , told AVN, "Those ads were submitted on our bidding platform. It has little budget hence why it doesn't appear often. Given the content of the ad and the landing page, it doesn't breach any terms of our terms and conditions."