Tracy Morgan Takes Riley Steele for a Ride

NEW YORK—Comedian Tracy Morgan apparently had the time of his life Thursday during his appearance on The Howard Stern Show, and well he should have. It’s not every day that a man—celebrity or not—gets to control a Sybian ride with Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele on the Sybian end of the ride. But that’s just what happened—and judging from the report on the Howard Stern blog, everyone got off.

After a one-on-one interview with Howard, who apparently thinks Steele is “going to be the top porn girl,” not least because she’s model-pretty, Morgan took to the set like a mustang in search of a mare.

“Twenty bucks I’ll get you pregnant,” Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese, quoting Morgan. “Extra five bucks I’ll induce labor. Extra fifteen I’ll reduce your period.” It was Gary who then suggested that Steele mount the Sybian with Morgan at the controls.

“Pretty vagina man. Not beat up or nothing. Her shit don’t look like ham hocks,” Morgan said. According to Pugliese, Morgan “changed that. He tore her up on the Sybian.” Yee-ha!

“Tracy stuck around for his interview, but was so wound, he kept Riley’s used Sybian attachment,” the report from the set continued. “He’s going to hang it up next to his Muhammad Ali gloves.”

“This is going to be in my homemade Smithsonian,” Morgan proclaimed.

Pugliese didn’t mince words after that. “Tracy Morgan is hands down, one of the best guests on the show. The dude is raw, real, and fucking hysterical!”

Sounds like Steele helped bring out the real in him.