TMZ: Topless Bonnie Rotten Takes Manhattan

NEW YORK—People all around Manhattan have just gotten a first-hand view of multiple AVN Award winner Bonnie Rotten's famous spiderweb-decorated breasts, and TMZ cameras were there to document it.

In a new video posted to Thursday afternoon, Rotten displays her unabashed appreciation of New York state's law permitting women to go topless in public by traipsing about city streets, parks, the subway and more sans shirt, making casual conversation with a number of folks who seem utterly unfazed by her free-swinging bazooms.

"You look just like my wife," one bystander jokes to her.

Sadly, because the mainstream media doesn't enjoy the same freedoms as any given person walking around New York City, Rotten's boobs are blurred throughout the video. Nevertheless, it can be viewed .

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