The Score Group Goes Big(ger) With 'Mamazon'

MIAMI — Big-bust specialty house The Score Group ventures into epic territory with new feature Mamazon, starring Alexis Silver, Rachel Love, Kali West and more bountifully bosomed centerfolds from the pages of Score magazine.

Mamazon, which Score is currently self-distributing, follows four explorers on a hunt through a forgotten jungle in search of a statue fabled to cause unbelievable breast growth. They discover that the legend is true when they encounter a tribe of super-buxom women known as the Mamazons and ruled by an evil Queen (Silver).

"Some things just come together in life. This big-bust adventure movie just came together naturally," said Tushna, director of Mamazon and production manager at Score's Miami studio. "We never made a movie like this before. Mamazon was shot on five acres of a beautiful, privately owned tropical reserve, not in our studio. Every scene was shot outdoors."

The location gave the production an authentically exotic setting, according to Tushna.

"This unique reserve had waterfalls and lagoon, and it was stocked with many exotic animals including an 11-foot python, monkeys, peacocks, swans, parrots and toucans," he said. "Our prop department constructed all of the sets and props right on location, including a bamboo prison where the male explorers are kept captive by the Mamazon tribe. Our stylists created the jungle girl costumes for the actresses."

In addition, Tushna noted that the script called for a level of stunt work never before attempted in a Score movie.

"It was a very complex film to produce," Tushna said. "I believe Mamazon is the first of its kind in the big-bust movie industry, especially in a hardcore XXX movie."

Mamazon is available exclusively through The Score Group at or by calling (800) 421-0760 in the U.S. and Canada or 001-305-662-5959 internationally. The trailer can be viewed at .