SwingersDateClub Offers Free 20-Day Trials, Affiliate Program

Swingers’ personals Web group is offering members free 20-day trials as of September 9.

“In our opinion, the member incentives used by other personals sites either consists of an extremely limited trial period or a member base so small that the time spent filling out exhaustive profile essay questions has been in vain,” said an unidentified spokesman.

“To prevent similar experiences, SwingersDateClub is offering its members free 20 day trials,” the spokesman continued. “We are investing in our members; we have built a large, friendly community where you can meet someone online or even at a local swinger’s party offline by using our worldwide swingers’ club listings, SwingersClubList.com.”

The five-year-old operation includes an offering Webmasters 25 percent commissions on initial payments and 25 percent recurring commissions. That to promote an operation which has global reach in five languages and offers members video personals Websites, worldwide offline parties, and even an exclusive serving over a million members.

SwingersDateClub.com also has features like live video chat, video profiles, instant messaging, online forums, fast picture personals, free e-mail addressing, offline swingers’ party guides, a roommate finder, matchmaking services, and more. And members who actually know each other offline, the company said, can use a copyrighted validation system through which they can validate each other at the site.

“We are extremely proud to offer swinging people an alternative for meeting credible swingers,” the spokesman said, “and we will continue to offer free lifetime with our commitment to our members by consistently exceeding their expectations”

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