Sunrise Adams: <i>Sex Addict</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Girl Sunrise Adams marks her comeback with a literal bang - or several of them, to be precise - in the just-released Sex Addict, directed by B. Skow.

Also starring Harmony Rose, Cassie Young, Lisa Daniels, Marlie Moore, Jana Foxy, Kurt Lockwood, Marco Banderas and Mike Striker, Sex Addict presents a sort of quasi-biographical portrait of Adams re-entering the porn world.

"It's kind of a play-off of me coming back because I just can't get enough sex," Adams told AVN. "I'm going through therapy, and I wind up turning everyone there, in rehab, I wind up ruining their rehab and turning them back into sex addicts. I do this one scene with this beautiful Hispanic girl, and I'm pretty much throwing her around; I get a double-headed dildo and I stick it in me, and I know how to crunch down on it and fuck a girl with it like it was my dick."

Adams added that she squirts for the first time on camera in Sex Addict - not once, but twice. And because some of the footage here is with her boyfriend (Striker), she promised, "The sex is not only raw, but it's also a lot of passion…we break two metal chairs in one of the scenes because we're fucking so hard."

Coming back into the industry, Adams said, has given her a little bit of a "culture shock."

"When I left, primarily females were looked up to, and now it's just a male-driven business," she said. "Before, it was all about safe sex, and all about awareness and being appealing to both men and couples and women. Right now, I'm just trying to get to know the business again like it's the first time."

Nevertheless, Adams said she's enjoying her return to porn, proclaiming Sex Addict her proudest effort to date. "To me, it's the most wonderful movie I've ever shot," she declared. "It was a lot of fun, a lot of high energy, and hopefully it'll be [considered] the best one I've shot yet."

Sex Addict is available now.