Steve Holmes Breaks In Charlotte Vale for Brandon Iron Prods.

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Director/performer Brandon Iron gave buddy Steve Holmes a special gift for his birthday Sunday by placing him opposite newcomer Charlotte Vale in a scene for She Is Half My Age 5, to be released by Brandon Iron Productions/JM Productions this summer.

And while Holmes got Vale to himself for the lion's share of the scene, once he was done with her, Iron unleashed a whole swarm of other meat puppets on her for a full-on bukkake. The scene will also be used, Iron said, on website

"It was a whole lot of fun," Iron told AVN. "She did an anal scene with Steve, then she gave a blowjob to her master [Vale is a real-life slave], then she blew five guys that are the best of the bunch that I use, and then she was thrown to the wolves with about 20-something other guys. It was so much energy at the end, we were just saying, 'Whoever wants her the most should just take her,' and this rugby scrum broke out in the middle of the scene. I don't know if she was terrified or enjoyed it, but I think she had fun."

Holmes said, "It was my birthday gift presented by Brandon Iron, her very first scene, and she had a very, very delicious asshole. I met her in a fetish club the week before, and she said she would like to start pornography, and she went to take an AIM test on Tuesday, and she got her ass fucked [Sunday]. She got the full treatment, and she loved it. And afterwards, we had my birthday dinner, and she was there and she was happy."

Iron said of the scene's finale, "It was like looking down on a midget in an elevator that's way overcrowded. She was just like this little midget face down there bobbing around in the sea."

Look for She Is Half My Age 5 from Brandon Iron Productions/JM Productions in June or July 2008.