Seymore Butts Launches Lighthouse Talent Agency

Seymore Butts told he has launched Lighthouse Talent Agency, a new adult talent management company that will begin screening prospective models on Friday.

With the new venture, Butts, aka Adam Glasser, and his partner Steve Rosen would like “to make sure our talent is healthy, financially secure and happy both during and after their careers.”

“That’s the goal,” Glasser said Tuesday in an exclusive interview.

“We’re going to be representing female and male performers and models and helping them get work within the industry. Even more so, we’re going to help manage their careers.”

Glasser, the star of the Showtime reality series “Family Business,” said that he believes he can fill a void in the career management area of the highly competitive adult agency business.

“In all honestly, I’ve been involved in this business for 14 years now and the majority of girls that I meet that are performers are not covered by health insurance and don’t have any real financial plan as far as the money they’re making during their careers,” Glasser said. “For me, those are two of the key aspects. We’re trying to bring a new concept into the talent agency arena.”

Glasser said Lighthouse Talent Agency is going to be unique in several ways.

“Because of the fact that we’re licensed and bonded, we’re going to give talent the option of receiving their payment within 72 business hours after their jobs are completed,” he explained. “That will take the burden off them collecting money and the time that it takes.”

Glasser also revealed that Lighthouse has assembled an advisory committee that consists of a tax expert, investment expert and a health insurance specialist.

“The talent will all be benefiting from their expertise and guidance,” he continued. “It’s our goal that 100 percent of the talent we represent will be covered by health insurance.”

Lighthouse has also already arranged for beauty service and product discounts at some of the top salons in the Los Angeles area for its talent. The agency will also provide performers with the option of free fitness training sessions as well as diet and nutritional guidance.

“We’re trying to be different and we believe there is somewhat of a void, not necessarily in the agency field, but in the career management field,” Glasser said. “We’re also going to have scheduling parameters for each of our models, especially the females. None of our girls will be doing four double-penetration scenes consecutively.

“My point is that each girl is somewhat different, and each girl will have parameters as to how much work they can accept. That goes not only to affect their health but also to career longevity. A lot of these girls come in and get shot out in three to six months and their careers are over.”

Lighthouse Talent Agency will also take extra steps to verify the age of performers, Glasser noted.

“We’re not just going to depend on looking at their IDs and taking their word for it,” he said.

“One of the things I’m most proud of in my movie-making career is that a lot of people say I helped set the bar a little higher for others when they came in. I want to not only have an effect on how the talent is treated in this industry and how talent treats themselves, but I also want to set the standards a little higher for what people should expect from representation from an agent.”

Lighthouse Talent has opened offices next door to the AIM Health Care headquarters in Sherman Oaks. This Friday the agency will begin interviewing models from 1 to 4 p.m. at the offices.

Glasser said that he has not placed any limitations on the number of models Lighthouse will represent.

“I think in order to make the greatest impact, we’re going to try to grow ourselves as large as possible, while also keeping our standards adhered to,” he said. “That means our girls are going to be not only hot, but smart, reliable, dependable, punctual and cooperative on set.”

Lighthouse plans to launch its Internet presence within 10 days at

Glasser said that his national bachelor/bachelorette party company, xXxposed Entertainment, would also naturally integrate with Lighthouse Talent Agency.

“That’s what it’s all about for me. Everything feeds everything else,” he said. “It’s all a big food chain here at Team Tushy.”

To inquire about an interview with Lighthouse Talent, call 818.907.9752.

Glasser said that an entire season four episode of “Family Business” has been dedicated to the creation of the agency. And on Friday, Showtime will be filming prospective model interviews for inclusion on an episode that will air next year.