Sammie Rhodes Plans to Stick to All-Girl Scenes

More than a year after moving to all-girl scenes, adult performer Sammie Rhodes says she has no plans to return to boy-girl shoots.

“I think I made the right decision last year and I’m fine doing girl-girl scenes,” said the 22-year-old blond starlet.

Having arrived on the scene in 2004, the 5-foot-2 beauty made a big splash with her slim body and large natural breasts. With a string of hot boy/girl scenes under her belt, such as I Cream of Genie, Cherry Busters 2 and Sperm Party, Rhodes found herself much in demand.

“I was working really hard and pretty much working as much as I could,” she said.

“I’m pretty intense when it comes to my scenes so I go all out and put everything into it, so after a while I’d be coming home tired and worn out.”

Rhodes said she found herself always sore, exhausted and unable to have sex in her personal life.

“It’s not like you’re having sex at home where you do anything you want. You have to perform and it's hard work,” she said.

Rhodes' decision to do only girl/girl scenes was at first ignored by some producers who continued to press her to perform boy/girl. But her mind was made up.

“They were offering me more money, but it didn’t matter to me. I wanted to take care of myself and if it meant getting less money, I was fine with that.”

Although she denies that her decision came at the request of her boyfriend, Rhodes says she feels better than ever and is happy to continue doing girl/girl shoots.

“I didn’t take myself off the market just so I can tell people to pay me two million dollars or something to get back doing boy/girl. That’s not how I do things. I just want to be healthy and happy,” she said.

“I love girls and I love to eat pussy, so doing girl-girl is great. I totally get off when I do it.”

Skooby, her agent at Fresh Talent Management, says her bookings have been steadily increasing of late and are nearly the same as when she was doing scenes with guys.

Having taken time to earn her real estate license, Rhodes is also exploring the world outside porn, though she says she has no plans to leave the business.

“I’d like to check things out and see how that works out for me, but it’s just one avenue that’s open to me,” she said.

A native of Connecticut, Rhodes was an honor student in high school and attended college on the East Coast before coming out to Los Angeles in 2004 to make adult films.

Meanwhile, Rhodes says she is building her Web site and hopes to start dancing in strip clubs in the future.

“I love to dance,” she said, “so I hope sometime soon I’ll get a chance to get out there and dance.”