Ryder Skye to 'Details': Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

LOS ANGELES - Porn actress Ryder Skye claims "Details" magazine misrepresented her relationship with her husband in an article entitled "What If Your Wife Were A Porn Star?"

Ryder and hubby Bill are one of several porn couples profiled in Michael Kaplan's piece, which appeared in the mag's September issue. Kaplan interviewed Mikayla Mendez, Kelly Skyline, Charmane Star, and their respective mates in an effort to illustrate the hazards of hooking up in the jizz biz.

"I feel the article misconstrued what was said by my husband and myself," Skye said. "It seemed to be more about picking what was most salacious about our relationship. They were not interested in telling our story accurately."

Of course, any publicity is good publicity. Skye has already booked an appearance on TV's 'Maury' to further address the same topic.

"I'm more in the public eye than when I began in this industry, and that includes being recognized in the mainstream as an X-rated performer," Skye said. "On one hand, I recognize that there are responsible members of the media who are accurate and forthright in their representation of the industry. On the other hand, I recognize that there's always a risk that the motivations behind an article isn't always exactly as it's presented. As I aspire to become a well-known personality, I make a serious effort to put my best face forward at all times. The adult industry deserves to be recognized in a positive light for a change."

Ms. Skyline has also complained about the article. "I really do not appreciate the fact that you guys described my fiance as a nerdy-looking kid," she wrote in an online response to the editors.

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