Ryan Madison Talks About 'The Altar of Aphrodite'

LOS ANGELES—Quietly over the past dozen years since their first Pornfidelity disc came out, Ryan and Kelly Madison have built a production empire together. In addition to Kelly’s “world-famous tits” and Ryan’s rock-solid skills as a porn stud, the two also have worked behind the camera, making creative, polished adult entertainment.

Now the Madisons are moving into a new phase with The Altar of Aphrodite, a dark, plot-driven drama. The synopsis describes the story of "a disgraced journalist turned conspiracy blogger who enlists the help of P.I. Ryan Ryder to infiltrate an underground sex cult that targets sexually repressed men and women with the false promise of sexual liberation.”

Angela White plays the lead role (read more here), with Ryan Ryder, Chanel Preston, Aiden Starr, Chad White, Flash Brown and Codey Steele also in the cast. Click here to see photos from the movie.

Asked to share some details about the movie, Ryan Madison revealed, “We hired a new director named Andy Zane. He worked for us a few years ago and now he’s back on our team with creative ideas and a renewed passion for the industry. This is his first work since his return, and we are excited to be producing his future creative endeavors.”

The hard-working Ryan noted, “It was fun to hand over the reins and let someone else fulfill their vision.”

As she does with other studio projects, Kelly Madison served as the art director. “Kelly created all the sets, as usual, but worked to create Andy’s vision for his story … from his inspiration and his artistic requirements,” Ryan noted.

Asked about the most difficult part of the project, director Zane replied, “Coming up with the concept, the time we had to do it and making sure we could pull it off was pretty challenging because it had kind of a lot going on; but we were lucky enough to have a great cast and crew behind the entire thing so it actually ran surprisingly smooth.”

Zane sees The Altar of Aphrodite as a natural outgrowth of his work with the Madisons. “The content we usually put out is pretty experimental as far as us constantly challenging ourselves to get better at what we do, so to us this just felt like the inevitable next step and it was really fun. Can’t wait to do the next one.”

Ryan Madison noted that, “technically,” Madison’s Mad Mad Circus was their first feature, “but that was a long time ago. We are always ambitious.”

He added that on July 10, “We are releasing our Music Box DVD. This was a fun project that myself and Kelly did together. We have a scene with a creepy clown that was fun to create and shoot. I’ll take this opportunity to give props to the talent, Lilly Ford. She was absolutely brilliant in the role.”

He continued, “We are also in the process of bringing on two more exclusive directors. Our focus is to make our product better, more creative and artistically challenging. Quite honestly, even though we’ve been doing this for a while, I feel like we’ve just begun and our production company as a whole will have so much more potential for growth.”

The Altar of Aphrodite and all other Kelly Madison Media titles are available from Juicy Entertainment. Email [email protected], call (818) 280-3700 or fax (818) 280-3704.