Rodney Moore: 'No More Anal Creampies'

[Ed. Note: The following letter was written by adult director Rodney Moore. By publishing this letter unedited, does not necessarily endorse or substantiate any of the beliefs expressed by Moore.For people reading this that are not familiar with the adult industry, a "creampie" is an internal ejaculation.]

I’m very surprised that with all the comments about the current HIV crisis in the adult industry that no one has yet stated what appears to be obvious to me.

The cause of all of these problems is the “anal creampie” shot. Let’s look at the facts. The number one means of sexual transmission is infected semen in the anus. HIV is hard to get. It needs a direct pathway into the bloodstream. There is no more direct path than an infected male cumming into the anus of another person, especially after said anus has been roughly pounded for 20-30 minutes, an activity for which it was not intended. My opinion is that female to maletransmission is rare.

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Let’s look at more facts. I’ve been through several of these unfortunate scares in my twelve years in the business. Someone has to bring the virus in from the outside. When the scare involved a female such as Barbara Doll or Nena Cherry, no one else was infected. And we didn't have the quick quarantine measures in place like we do now.

On the other hand, five years ago when Mark Wallice was "patient zero," he infected several women. None of the women who became infected gave it to anyone else. I know for a fact he infected Brooke Ashley by cumming into her ass after an anal gangbang. I don¹t know for a fact how the other girls got it from him, but I would suspect it was from anal creampies.

At that time five years ago, I had unprotected anal sex with Brooke Ashley the day before she tested positive! This was when she was at her most infectious stage, and I did not get it. I worried plenty, I placed myself under quarantine for a long time, but I did not get it. Maybe I was just lucky. Or maybe that’s not an easy way of transmission. I believe the latter.

I don’t want to get in the middle of the debate as to who gave it to who between Lara Rox and Darren James. But sadly, there is no doubt that Darren James gave it to Jessica. Lara did not give it to Jessica.

They did not have sex. In either case, at least one of the girls got it from an anal creampie.

I don¹t know if he wants it still public, but there's a well known adult company owner and former performer who by his own admission got it from semen in his butt from an infected transsexual prostitute.

So I’m back to the original point. The cause of all this unfortunate misery and grief in the industry is the anal creampie shot. What's especially sad is that it is the easiest thing in the world to fake.

You put a little of your favorite imitation semen mixture in the butt, the guy goes back in and fakes an orgasm, pulls out, and out comes what looks to be semen. Why then are some directors compelled to film this highly dangerous activity?

In my opinion, the most realistic solution to the preventing future Outbreaks of HIV in the industry is to BAN THE ANAL CREAMPIE.

We don¹t need condoms. Besides, a guy can wear three condoms and it doesn't accomplish anything if the director than tells him to whip them off and shoot his load into the girl¹s butt! It doesn¹t accomplish anything if the condom breaks inside and cum enters the butt anyway.

Especially if people stop testing and rely solely on condoms, which is what will happen. It’s about Anal Creampies.

We don't need talent trade unions. They may be a good idea for other reasons, but with so many female performers dropping in and out of the business on a daily basis and people shooting all over the world, it's just not possible to involve everyone who works as talent. What purpose will it serve if at best you can only involve a small portion of the talent pool. And even if you could involve everyone, it¹s not going to stop HIV transmission. It¹s about Anal Creampies.

We don¹t need to quarantine performers who do scenes out of the country. Why is a guy who works with a tested actress in Brazil more dangerous than a guy who stays in America but fucks some untested girl he picks up in a bar in LA? And a bi-curious male performer can just as easily take it up the butt in West Hollywood as he can in the Czech

Republic or Brazil. I am not implying anything about anyone here so don't think that I am, I¹m just making a point. It¹s about Anal Creampies.

We certainly don¹t need directors with self-serving agendas strutting around saying they care so much about the talent that they¹re going condom only and insulting other directors by implicitly implying that if other directors don¹t, then they don¹t care as much. It¹s about Anal Creampies.

We don't need OSHA to come in and make condoms mandatory and drive the business underground or out of state, where testing will be abandoned and filmed sex will become even more riskier. It¹s about Anal Creampies.

If OSHA feels compelled now to do something, then they should BAN ANAL CREAMPIE SHOTS!

If the industry as a whole feels the need to do something, we should BAN ANAL CREAMPIE SHOTS!

I'm not blaming any directors who in the past have shot anal creampies.Even those who have touted in their promos that their girls are so stupid they'll do such risky activity just for a buck.

But I truly believe that from this point on, any company or director that shoots an anal creampie should be condemned for not just putting the girl at risk, but the entire industry. Any girl that agrees to do an anal creampie shot in the future is either uninformed or just fucking stupid.

I believe Sharon Mitchell should take down that bullshit “No Soliciting” sign at AIM that a certain well know talent agent made her put up and replace it with a huge sign that says: DO NOT DO ANAL CREAMPIES!

It's tragic that the reckless quest to get an edge on the competition has put our industry in jeopardy and caused so much grief and pain.

Again, I'm not blaming anyone. But surely now we all know better. Let's see if we have learned. I sympathize not only with the three people who are infected but also the others on the list who are so scared waiting for the final outcome of their tests.

One final thing. At the risk of sounding self-serving myself, I would estimate that in the history of the adult video industry, well over 100,000 facial cumshots have been filmed. I know of not one single case of HIV transmission resulting from a facial cumshot.

We all know that of the hundreds of Bukkakes that have been shot in the last few years by several different directors, there have been times when untested actors have been used. And yet, not one of the girls doing

Bukkake has ever come up positive. I'm not defending Bukkake. It's personally not my thing. I am defending the facial cumshot.

I repeat no one in this industry has ever come up HIV positive from a facial cumshot. Is this self serving? Do I have an agenda? Yes, since I make my living on facial cumshots. But if I made my living shooting anal creampies, the last anal creampie I shot would be the last anal creampie I ever shot.

I sincerely hope everyone else will say the same.