Red Light District Video Re-launches

With plans including daily updates, has relaunched its popular Website, .

The new changes also include a more advanced search capability allowing visitors to search Red Light District films by director, genre, and series. "Our quickly expanding collection of award-winning material and major increases in traffic necessitated the new Search Feature," said director of Internet operations Richard Naimy, announcing the relaunch. "This - as well as - our other modifications, are guaranteed to make the entire experience that much more enjoyable."

The daily updates were prompted by what Naimy called a need to address today's "MTV, video gaming, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" video and Internet audience.

"We are very loyal to our customers and committed to providing them with as much material as possible. It's a very competitive industry [adult internet] and the member who stays loyal to deserves the very best - including new material, daily." members will also have a chance to see entire call lists for every Red Light District movie as well as scene breakdowns, comprehensive photo galleries, behind-the-scenes and bonus footage, and the "Catch of the Day," the last a feature introducing guests to sexy, youthful, often never before seen women.

And, now has a Coming Soon and a Latest Release section, letting fans watch the trailers of just-released and soon-to-be-released titles.

"Our Website is simply an extension of the prevailing sentiment at Red Light District," said the company's founder and president, David Joseph. "We are committed to being the leader in every aspect of our business. From our directors to our talent to our Website, the name Red Light District is and will continue to be synonymous with the finest adult entertainment in the world."

Current Red Light District releases include 1 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink #4, Assault That Ass #5, 110% Natural #7, Gang Bang Vol. 3, and, of course, the infamous 1 Night in Paris.

For more information, visit or contact Scott Stein at [email protected].