Rapper Necro Unleashes <I>Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That</I>

The latest rapper to direct his own porn video is New York underground legend Necro. Necro, who has released two studio albums, three rarities collections, and has appeared on countless mixtapes, is an aspiring filmmaker who has directed several short films that he sells on his Website, . Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That is his first foray into hardcore porn though, and he couldn’t be more excited.

“I have been trying to do porn for a while,” Necro told AVN.com “It’s a new business to make money in. Plus, my fans love porn! They are all fucking pervs, young to old. Who doesn’t like porn? Not anybody sane.”

Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That stars June 2003 Penthouse Pet Lanny Barbie and is hosted by ‘80s porn legend Jerry Butler. The video features lots of music by Necro and his crew Ill Bill, Gortex, and their group Non-Phixion.

“Jerry introduces the girls and also does an in-depth interview at the end [of the video] where he speaks on the adult industry explicitly, similar to his book Raw Talent,” said Necro. “Most of the film is gonzo style, but not 100 percent. We have some freestyle acting in a scene with A.J. Khan, where she seduces a girl in the studio and makes her suck the dildo microphone. We have two gonzo-style anal scenes, plus girl-girl action, a Penthouse style vignette, a Playboy style vignette, plus a bondage scene at the end, like sprinkles on ice cream. But don’t fret, Penthouse Pet Lanny Barbie takes it up the ass 100 percent gonzo style.”

The controversial rapper, whose lyrics range from horror movie-influenced shock tactics to porn-influenced sex talk, is distributing the DVD on his own through his Website and direct to retail, much he like he began his rap career. But he hopes to have official distribution in place soon.

“I'm releasing it independently through my own company, which I own, called Sexpert Video,” Necro explained. “The release date for the music market is September 16, and for the adult market the release date will be October 28.As for distributors in the adult market, I am working on that now. Being I am new to the adult industry, I have to approach people and just make shit happen, kind of like how I did with my record label, Psycho Logical-Records, in the music business. I now sell my music to people all over the world, as I will with my porn movies.”

For Necro, who produces Non-Phixion and many others, the rap-porn connection is a logical one, and he has felt love from the porn world since day one.

“Joey Silvera listens to Necro and Non-Phixion,” said Necro. “He even went to a show in New York to see Non-Phixion perform last month. Actually, Jules Jordan turned Joey onto it. Jules listens to our shit. I sent Bionca a copy of my track "Get On Your Knees" years ago and she loved it. In fact, Jerry and I actually prank call Bionca in my new film. I even used to conversate with the late Bobby Hollander on the phone about Brooklyn. The next move is to brainwash Ron Jeremy, who I have been speaking with on and off on the telephone about collaborating.”

One way Necro is driving this connection home is by offering a package deal where fans can purchase Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That and his new CD, Brutality Part 1, for $29.99 and save $3.99 from the retail value.

So does Necro feel that helming Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That will further his career in hip hop, or tarnish it? Or does he even give a damn?

“Being in the porn industry will open up all the fucking perverts to my music,” Necro explained. “You see, I'm a sick fuck, and porn is filled with sick fucks, so who better to buy my music? Plus, nobody out raps sex shit like me. I'm the most technical, explicit shit out, so it was bound to happen.”