Randy Spears To Direct Stormy Daniels in 'Two'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Randy Spears, who has won more awards for acting than anyone in adult movies, will move behind the camera for three days next week to direct the Wicked Pictures feature Two.

It's the fourth movie Spears has helmed for the company since he signed with them exclusively - the others are Touched, Off the Air and The Artist - though he previously directed for Penthouse and other studios. For Two, he also wrote the script.

Two's star is his frequent foil (Black Widow, Driven, Operation Desert Stormy) and Wicked label-mate Stormy Daniels. They're one of porn's hottest on-screen couples, with a chemistry-in and out of bed-as potent as that of some legendary Hollywood duos.

Stormy plays identical twin sisters, Spears told AVN. "One of them is a very, very bad girl. She has sex with men and then kills them. The other sister is the polar opposite, a good girl who has a quiet little life and puts up with her sister's late night crazy antics."

Stormy will have three sex scenes, but not with Spears, who has relegated himself to a small role as a detective. "I like it that way when I'm directing," he said. "That way I don't have to split too much of my brain." In fact, for the first time in their movie partnership, he and Stormy don't even appear on screen at the same time.

Spears said that after he finished the script, "I sat back in my chair and thought, I ought to play this, I ought to turn it into a guy part and play this myself. It's really an actor's part. And I sent it off to Stormy and she said, ‘I love it. Oh my God, I get to play two people, one's a complete psychopath, it's great.'"

Daniels told AVN, "I think it might be the most difficult part as an actress I've ever done. They're such different characters. One is timid and shy, the other is a mentally unstable, killing sex maniac.

"It's not as physically demanding as, say, Operation Desert Stormy, but it definitely has more depth than anything I've ever done. Maybe I'll get that Best Actress trophy I've been been eyeing for six years," she laughed.

Carly Parker, Savannah Gold and India Summers are the other women in the cast. Non-sex specialist Frank Bukkwyd plays the crucial role of a psychologist.

"This is the biggest movie Randy has done as a director," Daniels said, and Spears added, "We have high hopes for it."