Puma Swede Hosts Her First Art Exhibit In Stockholm This Weekend

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Veteran Swedish-born actress hasn't been spending much time in front of American cameras for the past couple of years—and part of the reason may be that her first ever art exhibit is opening this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

The two day event, called "Primal," will showcase the finest of Puma's art and will be held this Saturday and Sunday at Club Prive, Rådmansgatan 46, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden, April 29 and 30 from 1-4 p.m.

The exhibit will feature full scale mannequins, collages, public nudes, "fuckart" (Puma having sex on canvas), x-ray light boxes and adult star portraits all created by Puma.

"I don't believe doing one form of art," Puma said. "I do whatever I feel like as long as it's sexy."

More details of the event and Puma's art can be found at .

"In Europe and Sweden there's been a lot of discussion and debate whether watching porn leads to violence towards women and rape. I want to show there's a positive place for sex and it's up to us women how and what we want to use our bodies for," Puma said of her artistic vision. "Without sex we wouldn't even exist. Let people who love sex and nudity enjoy it without shaming each other."

"My art primarily highlights themes related to my personal sexuality, humor, and lifestyle," she states on her home page. "My passion for art started at age 7 drawing the longest RV’s I could fit on paper. I then advanced to cutting out paper earrings that I fastened with thumbtacks. Jumping continents and a few years ahead I’ve been involved in many controversial things, including the adult industry, which is where I became well-known. I studied interactive media in college, but my art didn’t come together until I realized I could combine it with the sexual part of my life. In a way replacing the video camera on my face and crotch with a canvas and paint.

"Sex and nudity are natural and should be shared more openly," she added. "I have been working very hard on my art and preparations for this upcoming show. I can't wait to display it for the world to see the reaction!"

Puma Swede can be seen via webcam at her on Mondays (check schedule for next show). Puma's successful autobiography Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star (published by Lind & Co.) is available at , , and in soft cover and in Swedish .

Puma also has an official line of adult toys available at and has announced the addition of a newly designed Wand to her line through European toy manufacturer .

Fans may follow Puma on Twitter and on Instagram .