Postcard From Italy: Tera Patrick Sets Up in Europe

LOS ANGELES—Tera Patrick has taken her talents to Italy, booking models for various projects in a unique collaboration with Fantasy Studio Agency.

The retired adult superstar is working closely with Fantasy Studio owners Alexia Mell, a model and feature dancer, and her husband David Gambin, to bring the top entertainers in the world to Europe.

“It’s been wonderful,” Patrick told AVN in an interview from her home in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. “The feature dance market is like the U.S. and it’s big here in Europe. David and Alexia handle all the features and they wanted to expand and bring in some other stars.”

By popular demand, Patrick did her first feature dance tour in Italy from March 2015 to May 2015, performing 12 shows all over the country.

“And they were wonderful,” Patrick said. “I’ve been retired from shooting for quite a while but I’ve still been active doing feature dancing. I’ve worked with cabarets and theaters and burlesque troops. That is one part of the industry that I do love. I love dancing, even at conventions. I did four Exxxotica shows last year.”

Patrick, whose next feature performance is scheduled for this Saturday at Sexy Disco Excelsior in Florence, added, “I love the live performing.”

It turned out she had such a blast doing her first tour of Italy that when her contract was complete she decided to move to Italy and continue working with Fantasy Studio, joining forces with Mell and Gambin.

“And it’s been absolutely a dream come true to live in Italy,” Patrick continued. “It was also an inspiring change for me to leave L.A. and come live over here. It’s different and exciting and a lot of fun.

“I love the industry out here. I’ve met a lot of wonderful porn stars and dancers. I’m booking a lot of talent in Italy from Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Finland and Holland.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of the talent on this side of the world and seeing the business run from this perspective. I still handle 100 percent of the licensing for Teravision and for —my website with Gamma. It still does very well. I’m enjoying being here in Europe and indulging this part of my fanbase.”

One of the reasons Fantasy Studio has gained traction in the region is that Mell has enjoyed a successful career as a model herself after arriving in Italy 12 years ago from her native Romania. Meanwhile her Italian partner Gambin has been booking Hungarian and Romanian models through Fantasy for the past seven years.

Some of the well-known European-based performers signed with Fantasy Studios include Vittoria Risi, Elena Grimaldi, Emi Escada and Sofia Cucci.

Patrick, who has done photo shoots for internationally known magazines such as FHM and Men’s Health while in Italy, said Fantasy Studio would like to book American porn stars for feature and promotional tours in Europe because there is an undeniable market for it.

“Living and working here in Italy and doing the shows has given me a different perspective,” Patrick explained. “I’ve done so much featuring in the U.S. and then coming over here I feel like Tom Cruise. The fans really appreciate me being here. They’re like, ‘wow, I never thought I would meet you.’

“When we leave and go to other parts of the world the fans are just so happy to see us. Being here in Italy and performing live shows has been exhilarating.”

Patrick said Miami-based Veronica Rodriguez is among the first girls she’s booked to come over this Spring to shoot films, do media and sight-see. She said the ideal timeframe to host a U.S.-based star would be two-to-four weeks—whatever the girl is comfortable with.

“I would love to be a liaison to book American porn stars or entertainers over here,” Patrick said.

“With what we can do here with feature shows and promos it can be productive and lucrative for a girl to come over.”

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Pictured: Alexia Mell, Tera and David Gambin; Tera performing at Club Carosello in Bologna.