Peter North and Jewel DeNyle

Peter North and Jewel DeNyle were headed for Pennsylvania this weekend to do a bookstore signing in Harrisburg but never got there. North got a hurry-up call Friday morning to tell him the store got raided. North, because he didn't have the store's name at the tip of his tongue, conceded that he sounded like some airhead from Laguna. North said the signing/travel arrangements were made through New Sensations so he couldn't be absolutely sure which store it was.

North: "They marketed our appearance a week ahead of time and got busted the day before we were supposed to be there [Saturday]. Yesterday we would up shooting something with that new Asian girl, Jade. We're getting nastier things in the [North Pole] series. My sales are doing pretty strong on the east coast, and I suspect a lot had to do with the fact that I went to the east coast video show."