Penny Flame Hosts Vivid-Ed's 'Expert Guide to Rough Sex'

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Entertainment is now shipping Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Rough Sex, the latest in the acclaimed series from author and sex educator Tristan Taormino's Vivid-Ed label.

"Many people fantasize about and have rough sex, and I feel this movie speaks to people who wouldn't pick up an SM movie," Taormino told AVN. "It reaches that audience in a different way than a hardcore sadomasochistic movie."

The Vivid-Ed line allows the viewer to enjoy hot sex scenes in an educational context. The Rough Sex guide follows Penny's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs.

"It's really important for me to have the educational part covered," Taormino said. "I consulted with Penny on the script, and I was on the set every day helping her. It's very comprehensive."

Topics covered in the vid include spanking, slapping, hair-pulling, emotional role-playing and rough physical play (pushing, grabbing.) Abonus vignette covers the controversial subject of choking.

"Choking is seen in a lot of porn, and I feel we would be remiss not to mention it," Taormino said. "Our vignette is about minimizing risk. It went through two lawyers, and we decided to include it as an extra on the disc."

As with other Vivid-Ed releases, the Expert Guide to Rough Sex gives the option to watch the sex scenes with or without the educational component. According to Taormino, the sex scenes are authentic and almost unbearably hot.

"Penny's scene in the movie is absolutely unbelievable," Taormino said. "She admits she has played rough in her personal life, but not on screen; she's not a gaping gonzo girl. This is the roughest I've ever seen her play. She hand-picked Derrick Pierce as her partner because she felt comfortable with him It's really dirty and really nasty in the best possible sense of those words. It's super hot, and I think fans are going to be surprised; the connection between them is really fierce. She's a girl who likes to get what she wants, and this scene shows a different side of Penny. It's a really rough, really hard scene."

Taormino named a scene with Mark Davis and Lexi Belle as another standout.

"Mark and Lexi have both worked for, and Mark is a pretty heavy player," she said. "In the beginning, they're sort of feeling each other out and things start to really heat up. At one point, there are tears in her eyes - I watched it and wondered, have we gone off the rails? For some people, it's emotional catharsis. As soon as the tears come. he switches gears to make sure it's okay; it's a fascinating look at how deep, intense, real and raw this kind of sex can be. And I don't think Lexi expected it."

The third sex scene features Aiden Star, the noted Domme known for her girl/girl work.

"Aiden is one of the best female dominants," Taormino said. "She's great at picking up on what buttons to push – it's more about verbal and psychological play. She can convince anyone to do anything with her voice and her presence."

Taormino touts the DVD options as a strong selling-point for the disc.

"The viewer can see a Devil Penny and an Angel Penny," she said. "In addition to the scenes, there's a workshop with Penny that sets the tone and contextualizes what's going on. She pulls the whole thing together."

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