Paris Gables Gets Extreme

Wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses, a small top and a tiny denim skirt, Paris Gables smiles as she sits quietly in the AVN lobby.

“I have so many things to do today that it’s ridiculous,” she says, managing to keep her smile even as she vents at the tough day ahead.

It’s not every day that the 23-year-old blonde takes a break from her schedule to talk to a reporter. But it’s a nice break nonetheless, she says.

As a contract star with Extreme 2.0, the fresh-faced Gables is the face of an embattled company facing federal obscenity charges. It was just two years ago that company owners Rob Black and Lizzy Borden were targeted when the FBI cracked down on so-called “extreme porn,” showing simulated rape and otherwise violent sexual images commonly found in the company’s titles.

Although the issue could still be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, with Black and Borden facing possible hard time, Gables and 22-year-old fellow contract star Gia Paloma are now charged with leading the company’s future fortunes with their edgy movies.

The starlets may look more at home at a college campus than on an adult movie set, but to Gables, a former University of California student, the movie set is always more appealing.

Top 10 Facts about Paris Gables

1. Favorite position: “Doggie for the pussy and the reverse cowgirl for anal. I just like the way that feels.”

2. Spit or swallow: “Definitely swallow. I like to swallow, but if it falls on the floor, I’ll scoop it up and swallow it.”

3. Favorite person: “Myself. I love myself. Sometimes, several times a day.”

4. Favorite performer: “Gia Paloma. She’s the best. She loves sex and she’s even better off camera. It’s great to watch her fuck.”

5. Won’t do in a movie: “There’s nothing I won’t do in a movie.”

6. Craziest thing she’s done: “I did a BJ scene when I was sick and I puked all over the grass then I decided to lick it back up. They thought it was great so they asked me to do it again. So I did.”

7. Favorite TV Show: “'The O.C.' and ‘Nip and Tuck.’ They both have a really hot cast.”

8. Favorite Movie: “I love The Big Labowski. Me and all my college friends love that. It’s my favorite expression: ‘The dude abides.’”

9. Favorite thing about porn: “The sex. I love having sex and getting to cum and having people around when I’m fucking.”

10. Favorite band: “The Alkaline Trio. They’re awesome. I even painted a picture of the band.”

“Fucking in front of people is always fun,” she says softly, as she tugs at her micro mini skirt.

Now in her second year with Extreme, Gables isn’t just a performer, but a director and writer with an eye for the unusual and adventurous.

“I just started directing, but I know what I want my movies to have and it’s definitely new things that make people hot.”

At 5-foot-2 and 110 pounds, the striking blonde stands tall when it comes to her work in the industry. A veteran of more than 100 movies, Gables has proven herself a top performer who doesn’t necessarily stop when the scene is over.

“Sometimes, it just feels too good to stop,” she says sheepishly.

Such attitude isn’t new, she admits. “I always did what I wanted. At least most of the time.”

Orange County Girl

Raised in Orange County, Calif., Gables was always a sweet, inquisitive and adventurous girl with a yen for learning and exploring. It wasn’t enough to hear about the whales or other animals. She had to learn all about them and then some, she says.

By the time she enrolled in high school, she was among her school’s best students and one of its emerging athletes in both the cross country and swim teams.

But even as she studied hard and improved her athletic skills, Gables became more and more interested in boys. She found herself drawn to them like nothing else.

But it would be another year before the then 16-year-old Gables got the courage to close the deal with a boy.

“I had a friend and he’d come over sometimes and play guitar, watch TV, so one time he came over and we were bored and we had sex. It wasn’t terrible,” she says.

“I think it was one of the best first times of anyone I knew. I didn’t cum, but after we had sex, he went down on me and I came then.”

Soon, Gables realized the power of sex over boys. She went on to find new boyfriends who learned just how sexual this young blonde could be.

“I wasn’t just fucking anybody. It was always with boyfriends, but I was having a lot of sex back then,” she says.

Although her mother would ask her to go live with her father for a couple of months after discovering her new sexual hobby, Gables would return home and eventually graduate with honors and move on to one of the schools in the University of California system.

A standout student and a sorority member, Gables threw herself into her studies, excelling in sociology, women’s studies and boys. Despite a tough academic schedule, Gables’ interest in sex never waned. “I’d go online and look at porn and I even saw some movies,” she says.

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Gables Goes Hardcore

By the time she became a junior, she decided to write a paper for a class about the positive aspects of pornography on society.

“I always liked porn, so it wasn’t hard for me to do this paper,” she says.

It wasn’t long before the adventurous student signed with an agency to see what porn was really all about.

“The people were really nice and not at all what I expected,” she recalls.

Although her then boyfriend encouraged her to join the industry, Gables, who then went under the name Heather Gables, was unsure about leaving school to pursue this new, exciting career. She managed to continue her studies that year, but the pressure was mounting.

“I was still taking classes even while I was doing porn for a year and a half. I found out that I was doing a lot better doing porn than going to school, professionally and financially,” she says.

“I was getting all these calls all the time wanting me to do scenes and I’d say ‘I can’t, I have finals’ or ‘I have a midterm’ and it was really crazy.”

Soon, she left college and moved to Los Angeles. Unburdened from her tough class schedule, Gables dove headfirst into the work, starring in such titles as Midnight Mayhem’s Teen Anal Invasion, and Red Light District’s Choke it Down.

“I really loved doing porn," she says. "I got to have sex with cute boys and I got paid for doing it. What else could I ask for?

“I wasn’t [crazy]. I was a normal girl who went to college and who wanted to do porn. And some people really don’t understand that.”

Even as a young newcomer, Gables soon became a master at doing hot anal scenes.

“When I was in college, a boyfriend and I were already experimenting with my butt, so I knew I liked doing anal.”

Signs With Extreme

But when a movie called for a double penetration, 21-year-old Gables didn’t think twice about doing it.

“I decided to try it in my personal life,” she says.

“I got these two guys to help, with one guy in my pussy and the other in my ass and it was pretty good, though the guy in my ass kind of hurt a little.”

But once the movie began shooting, Gables pulled off the scene by cumming all over her two men. She soon signed with Extreme as its contract star, where she performed in a number of edgy features which suited her to a T.

“I love rough sex. Especially getting slapped, spit on, pushed and all that stuff,” she says.

Black, who saw Gables' potential in his company’s Extreme Teen 37, was taken in by her enthusiasm for rough sex.

“There was a scene she did where she throws up on the ground and then she goes and licks it back up,” he recalls.

“I knew right then she was a crazy bitch. We had to have her.”

Black signed Gables in 2005. She then changed her name from Heather to Paris because Black thought she resembled Paris Hilton.

Though at first he was unsure, Black today admits that his star has made a major impact for his company. Her titles have been big sellers and have helped Extreme move forward in a crowded adult market.

Gables’ intensity and enthusiasm are just some of the reasons fans are drawn to her, says Borden, who has directed Gables’ most popular titles.

“She is such a sweet girl, but when she’s on the screen, she’s a crazy girl who just loves to fuck and go wild. Like she’s two different people.”

But it’s not just the sex. It’s the personalities she portrays that make her movies memorable, Borden says.

“In D.O.A., she was playing four or five different girls and they were all her. It was great,” she says.

Going from a playful, rich girl to a leather-clad Goth girl who loves to get smacked, Gables played her roles to the hilt. Even as she took a pounding during the rough sex scenes, she stayed in character to the end.

Finds Her Niche

Veteran director F.J. Lincoln, who directed her in the February release Return to Insanity, by Extreme’s Evolution Erotica label, said he was surprised to see her realistic portrayal of a homeless woman who gets gangbanged by bikers.

“She did a bag lady and she created an unbelievable character that never went away even when she did the sex scenes,” he said.

“I thought this little girl is good. Most girls who work with multiple guys don’t know what to do, but she was the aggressor with both guys. She took total control of the scene. It was amazing. She could’ve been a very good Hollywood performer.”

But Gables’ fellow contract star Gia Paloma isn’t surprised by her success.

“She’s a really smart girl who is really into what she does. She works really hard to make a movie that she’s proud of.”

“She’s making Chaotic right now and in it she wanted to show Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and how they would get hot and it turned out amazing. She’s very creative.”

For Gables, working isn’t simply about having sex and getting off, but about putting her heart and soul into a project.

“I love getting into a character and getting the attitude of that person. I think it makes the scene that much hotter,” she says.

Although she’s directed just two projects so far, she relishes the work that goes into it. From picking the costumes, the location and the actors, to screening and helping edit video, she enjoys all that will make her movies a true Paris Gables production.

Even though she has less free time than when she merely performed, Gables still finds time to spend with her best friend, Paloma, who lives down the street from her.

“We met at a Jim Powers shoot even before we joined Extreme,” Gables recalls.

“We played teenage girls who lived across from each other and now, a couple of years later, that's come true. It’s like destiny or something.”

Meanwhile, Gables says she dates occasionally and spends time with her family back home in between shoots.

“I’m not looking for a relationship right now, so that doesn’t bother me. I have enough sex at work,” she says with a smile.

Despite sometimes long hours, Gables still manages to enjoy one of her biggest pastimes – cooking.

“I’m always doing that when I can. Gia comes over sometimes and we just start cooking. We end up with a ton of food everywhere.”

Now sitting at a local restaurant, sipping her glass of soda, Gables jokes about a recent on-set mishap, where civilians almost walked in on the proceedings.

“Stuff always happens and you never know what. That’s why I love porn.”

But to Gables, that’s what the business is all about.

“But I really want to make movies that people really like and gets them off. I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to try them. I get excited just thinking about them.”