‘Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody’ Trailer Released

LOS ANGELES—Blue Circus Entertainment and London Gunn Productions announced today the first inside look of Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody with their trailer. Co-directed by Dick Chibbles, Marcus London and Jack Vegas, Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody is official porn parody of the blockbuster trilogy Paranormal Activity.

The film follows a couple troubled by unseen forces that haunt their home. They decide to try to capture whatever the phenomenon is on film so they set up cameras around the house. But all the sex going on at the house when their friends come to visit only makes things worse as the spirits become far more malevolent. It all sends Bailey (the wife, played by Bailey Blue) into a supernatural downward spiral that spins out of control. A psychic is brought in to try to clean the house, however he finds himself in over his head, leaving the couple to fend for themselves in this hardcore parody.

Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody is a well balanced mix of eroticism, shocking terror and of course a slice of comedy for good measure.

“We had a blast shooting this movie, as well as editing,” said Chibbles. “Everyone was involved in all aspects of the production; a true conglomerate of efforts.”

The trailer can bee seen on .

Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody stars Bailey Blue, Devon Lee, Whitney Grace, Marcus London, Jack Vegas, Tommy Gunn and Dick Chibbles.