On The Set: Screw My Wife Please 69 (The Real One)

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—To say things are busy at the hilltop house where WildLife is shooting its latest installment of Screw My Wife Please would be an understatement.

As we enter, the second scene of the day is just beginning ... and subscribers to the HotMovies.com website where all the action is being displayed as it happens are champing at the bit for the show's stars to start Getting It On.

But just what are they watching?

"Let me clarify this because it's confusing," explained director Bobby Rinaldi. "For the promotion that we did last May, we used the number 69, for the marketing, but for the DVD that'll be coming out in a few weeks, it'll be Screw My Wife Please #68, and we're actually filming number 69 today."

Thankfully, the thousands (if not millions) of HotMovies viewers watching the festivities probably won't care what number it is, as long as they can see every sweaty detail of the 10-hour-plus shoot, and with three cameramen covering the event—veterans Jack Remy and Barry Wood shooting for the DVD, with WildLife's own Coach handling the webcast camera duties—home viewers are not likely to miss a single detail ... and the action is about to start.

On the couch are Margo and Steve, a couple happily married for 25 years, but as Steve tells co-hosts Nina Hartley and Dave Cummings, he's always had the fantasy of seeing his wife fucked by a porn star.

Well, who wouldn't want to see that? Margo's a slightly older brunette with natural tits, erect nipples and a shaved pussy, and Rinaldi has arranged for her to enjoy the services of veteran porn star Marco Banderas.

Almost as soon as Marco enters the scene, Margo dives for his cock, taking it fully into her mouth. After a few minutes, Steve says he wants to see Marco's big cock inside her, so she climbs aboard for some hot cowgirl action—and from her exclamations, it's clear that she's enjoying the ride, perhaps more so because she's looking into her husband's eyes as she's bouncing wildly on Marco's cock.

After a few minutes, Rinaldi shouts for them to change position, so she scoots around for an equally energetic reverse cowgirl ride, with Nina and Steve reaching in to rub her clit as Marco's cock slithers in and out of her pussy. Even Dave Cummings is turned on, and as he stands behind the couple with his cock out, Margo reaches up and begins jerking him off.

Once again, Rinaldi calls for a new position, and while Margo's deciding what she wants to try next, she give Marco's cock a few more sucks, then crouches down on the couch so he can enter her doggie style. Noticing her free mouth, Dave pulls his cock out again, and sure enough, she sucks it in rhythm to Marco's thrusts.

Obviously, Marco's doing something right, because before long, Margo's yelling, "Right there! Don't stop! Go, go, GO!"—and moments later, all onlookers are treated to the first in a series of Margo's wrenching orgasms ... so much so that Margo calls "time out" and collapses on the sofa for a quick rest.

Then it's on to more doggie before she turns over and lets Marco fuck her missionarily, with Nina commenting, "He's got the best g-spot cock in the business," and Dave telling Steve, "Look at your wife's nipples; she's having a really good time."

After another orgasm or two from Margo, it's time to stop for stills—which the internet audience probably relishes since they'll get good looks at Margo's sexy poses—and then it's back to the action with the pair spooning on the couch. An internet viewer emails Nina, who's been live-blogging throughout the day, that he'd like to see Marco finish up with a cream pie, and sure enough, that's what he delivers ... and the cameras linger long on Margo's pussy as she lets the cum drip out onto the floor.

But even though the scene is over, Coach is still capturing the action for HotMovies' viewers, and he heads over to watch Nina answering viewers' emails and live chat on her computer. She responds to one viewer that, yes, she will be doing a masturbation scene later. (A gallery of Nina photos can be found here.) Coach will also be covering the scene in the "green room," the makeup room and anywhere else in the house where there's a pretty woman.

"It's a real treat to have four Hall of Famers on the set today," Rinaldi noted, referring to Nina Hartley, Dave Cummings and the two DVD cameramen. "The scenes have been great, the fans seem to be enjoying it, and we're getting a great reaction to this thing over the internet. People have been emailing like crazy, which we didn't have with the last show, and people are waiting online to chat with Nina—we're loving all the attention the show is getting."

Rinaldi and his partners—HotMovies.com and Cable Entertainment Distribution—hope to present similar programming on a monthly basis, and at just $9.95 for the entire day, these Screw My Wife Please shoots may just be the best bargain on the internet ... and it may still be going on as you read this!

(Pictured l-r: Steve, Nina Hartley, Dave Cummings, Margo, Marco Banderas)