On the Set: Raul Cristian's 'Ass Titans'

David Perry is walking down the front steps of the Hollywood Hills home where Raul Cristian is about to embark on the 20th and final scene of his three-week U.S. shooting spree.

Cristian's European directorial work precedes him and he's known for his own brand of nasty and cum-drenched hardcore via his company, Cruel Media.

Perry has just finished performing in scene number 19 and he's heading to his car. Inside the house, Keeani Lei and Mya Luanna, who just finished working with Perry, are eating lunch and re-charging from what was likely a furious scene.

Cristian is eating lunch as well, poring over the footage from the last scene on his laptop and alternating between making notes and taking bites. Chyanne Jacobs is out back, posing for Mario Rossi by a large swimming pool that has a bridge spanning the middle of it. Erik Everhard and Steve Holmes will be performing with Chyanne in the upcoming scene, and Holmes is ready to go. In between shots, Holmes steps out back and buries his face in between Chyanne's butt cheeks.

Keeani Lei, meanwhile, looks fresh and new, quite unlike one would expect after having been on the receiving end of a Cristian-directed scene. "I have the make-up artist to thank for that."

Holmes returns, sits down on the couch, grabs Keeani by the back of the head and puts her face in his lap. He is simply ready to go and Keeani, with open mouth, is happy to oblige.

It's anything goes on this set.

"It sure is," Keeani notes when she comes up for air and then adds that the same held true during the scene she just finished. "Mya had never squirted on anyone before and Steve wanted her to squirt on his face." Although Holmes wasn't officially in the scene, he joined in momentarily for the gushing climax.

"I just stuck my face in there," Holmes says.

Soon Cristian is finished reviewing the previous scene and we get down talking business. Cristian is CEO and owner of Cruel Media and his over-the-top hardcore has earned him deals with two of the top companies in the States. Evil Angel distributes Cruel's Ass Traffic, Prime Cups, Sperm Swap, My Evil Sluts and Tamed Teens, and Jules Jordan Video distributes All Internal, Give Me Pink and Cum For Cover. (For Jules Jordan Video, Cristian directs under the name Chris Rolie.)

"We started to shoot for AssTitans.com last summer and it's been its own line since last November," says Cristian. The website is part of Cruel Media's new affiliate program, sexandcash.com, which also includes Clara-G.com.

"Clara G. is my partner at Cruel Media," notes Cristian. "She directs My Evil Sluts and Give Me Pink."

The best of the AssTitans.com scenes will be released on DVD by Evil Angel, under the Ass Titans line, and by Jules Jordan Video as part of the Tunnel Butts line. The Tunnel Butts scenes will be all anal, while the Ass Titans scenes will feature some non-anal scenes. "A lot of girls with great butts don't do anal," Cristian adds.

"Ass Titans is focused on ass," Cristian continues. "We focus on the ass fetish because I like ass and anal the most. And we are shooting completely American content with the best performers, because 70-80 percent of our online customers are from the U.S., and U.S. customers like U.S. content."

Cristian notes that the problem with shooting European girls for an American audience is that the girls don't speak English.

"Being quiet kills sexuality," Cristian says.

But shooting quiet European girls was the catalyst for what would become the heart of Cristian's directorial style.

"Many years ago when I started to shoot, I got bored with quiet girls, so I pushed the girls harder and harder until I got to the point where all they needed to say was Yes or No," he says. "I started doing crazy stuff to balance out their lack of English. I pushed the guys to fuck them really hard. I would teach the girls how to deep throat, how to gape. And soon the agencies were sending us all of the new girls because we were spending time teaching them."

For AssTitans.com, Cristian is adding humor to the mix.

"I like to keep things light and funny," he says. "I think that humor on set can give you good chemistry. When people are laughing, they feel good, and when they feel good, they fuck better. If I dress the guys in silly outfits and the girls sexy, it's a better atmosphere."

Everhard and Holmes, meanwhile, are getting dressed for their upcoming scene in bright, colorful outfits that I promise them I won't describe in this piece.

"On the Internet, the screen shots sell the website," Cristian continues. He points to Everhard and Holmes' eye-poppingly bright outfits. "Imagine that picture on the screen." Cristian also notes the use of outdoor locations for these scenes, as opposed to the usual sex-on-the-couch formula.

And of course, sexual intensity is the key once the cameras start rolling. "We try to get the maximum intensity out of the girls," Cristian adds. "We just ask them what they're okay with — spanking, hair pulling, spitting? The ones we can do that to, we do. But you cannot do that with everybody. In Europe, the girls are more submissive. They're educated that way. They love to be dominated. Our European scenes reflect that culture. You can do that here in America but it's not the majority. The ones who love it, though, come every two minutes."

Of the scenes Cristian has shot during this trip, he notes Alanah Rae's three-way with David Perry and Toni as "the best scene." Other noteworthy performances were Andi Anderson's three-way with Everhard and Marco Banderas, as well as Alexis Texas' pairing with Banderas. "And another of my favorites was a crazy, crazy scene with Bobbi Starr, Cecilia Vega, Marco Banderas and Mikey Butders.

"Okay, those are my favorites, now I'm going to shoot," Cristian says and authoritatively ends the discussion as he gets up, grabs his camera and heads out to the pool to address Chyanne.

"Everything is about the ass," he tells her. "And everything is allowed — crazy blowjobs, lots of energy. What do you like? Hair pulling? Spanking?" Chyanne says yes to everything on Cristian's list.

"Okay, we can do anything," Cristian continues. "Give me great sex, arching all of the time. The one rule is we have no rules."

Anything goes.