On the Set of 'Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Goddess'

LOS ANGELES—Call it “event porn” or just a special occasion, but an invite to the set of Veronica Rodriguez’s first showcase comes once in a career.

The fan favorite from Miami doesn't often travel to the West Coast and when she does, she means business.

Armed with sexual skills that pay the bills, Rodriguez came to Cali this time to squirt and be squirted on as she ushers director William H. into his new gig in dripping wet style.

The private location is a gated mansion tucked into the hills of an affluent community northwest of Los Angeles, where today the Venezuelan heartbreaker will perform in the third scene of Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Goddess.

Her scene partners for what is shaping up to be an epic three-way are none other than professional ball-drainer Adriana Chechik and Austrian super stud Mick Blue, who are regarded as two of the top performers in the world.

It's a fearsome threesome by any measure for the notorious gonzo shooter H., a seasoned veteran calling the action for the first time for his new production home at New Sensations.

When I arrive at the house just after 11 a.m., Rodriguez is standing in her birthday suit in the game room that’s doubling as the girls’ changing area for the day. Surrounded by about a half dozen unopened boxes of lingerie, she and H. are deciding on her attire for the scene. By the time Rodriguez slips into a sheer black number that accentuates every curve on her tight body, this assignment doesn't feel like work anymore.

In the corner of the room, Chechik receives the finishing touches on her makeup and starts putting on thigh-high, black fuck-me boots as the anticipation for the colossal collision amps up a few notches.

“I’m excited,” Rodriguez tells me. “I’ve never done a showcase movie and I’ve been in the business for five years. I consider myself a good performer, so I was thinking to myself how come no company wants to do a showcase on me?”

She’s heard the reasons why, but doesn’t agree.

“A lot of people explained to me that they want to see anal [in a showcase] too. They want to see five scenes of me doing different things. And I don’t do anal or interracial yet. I have problems with companies trying to not do a showcase because of that,” Rodriguez admits.

That’s alright though because William H., who has shot Rodriguez many times for other studios, is focusing on her trademark ability in this showcase. The sexy spinner is the LeBron James of squirting, and H. thought it was about time to shine the spotlight on her unique talent.

“I told him I really love squirting and I was one of his favorites to shoot,” Rodriguez says.

H. allowed Veronica to pick her co-stars, so she called for Chechik based on a lot of fan requests and the fact that the two somehow had yet to work together despite crossing paths many times.

“I have this image where I’m very petite, young…a teenager,” Rodriguez explains. She’s actually 24 but could pass for 19. “I just was always scared to be honest to shoot with her because I’ve seen her scenes and she was very rough. So they did try to pair us up and I would say no. I didn’t think I was right. But now eventually with the years I got to know her more in person."

Rodriguez says she had some funny conversations with Chechik, the popular performer from Philadelphia, asking her to go easy on her this time.

“I tweeted about it the other day and all my fans can’t wait to see me work with her. I guess I’ll let her choke me and let her pull my hair,” Rodriguez adds.

Chechik brings the same go-for-it attitude to every performance—she has racked up more than 220 credits since 2013—making her sought-after for her willingness to go big. For her part, Chechik tells me she can’t wait to step in with Rodriguez, and Mick Blue is the consummate pro that will bring out the best in both of them.

In fact Rodriguez asked for Mick to do the honors.

“Mick Blue is one of the best performers that make me squirt a lot,” Rodriguez notes. “We did a scene for [another company] where I squirted six times.”

Blue, the two-time and reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year, can’t stop smiling when he thinks about what he signed up for today.

“What I think about Veronica is she has a really interesting sex appeal. It’s hard to describe,” Blue tells me in the driveway, climbing out of his black Porsche. “She has a very beautiful aura. She has a presence. And Adriana, she’s also very beautiful and what makes her even more special is she has a tremendous amount of sexual energy."

He continues, “Adriana is always very outgoing, very loud. Today is a lucky day because today I’m just a passenger. It’s one of those days when you work with two great girls and you’re just along for a ride. Some days you have to work harder than other days.

"I think both of them will work very good together so the sexual energy is going to come by itself, like very organic. And William H. is a great director. I know him since the old days from the first episodes of Big Wet Asses… He has a great eye to capture the action the right way. Because you can do whatever you want in the scene and if it’s not captured right then the fans cannot participate.”

But before Blue jumps in, the director wants the girls to go upstairs to get warmed up with a bubble bath in front of the open fireplace. Naturally, he’ll film it.

H. has directed 150 titles over the course of 14 years, winning back-to-back AVN Awards for Director of the Year-Non-Feature in 2010-11. But this is only the third scene of his deal with New Sensations. The first was a girl/girl with Rodriguez and Japanese cutie Marica Hase and the second was a hookup between Veronica and Ramon Nomar.

For that scene he dressed Rodriguez like a goddess, even giving her a bunch of grapes to hold and a crown.

“For the pictures I wear only diamonds. I was a princess. It was beautiful,” Rodriguez says. “It was with Ramon and I probably squirted more than 20 times. ... I think yesterday was the most I’ve ever squirted and I splashed William. He was soaked and wet. I splashed the photographer [Paul Woodcrest]. Hey, they asked me to squirt, so…”

Trust us, no one was complaining, especially William H., who calls Rodriguez “very down to earth.”

“She’s just very humble and she has a great attitude and is easy to work with,” H. says. “She cares about her performance and how she looks.”

And Chechik?

“She’s one of the all-time greats,” H. continues. “Same way. She’s got a great attitude, easy to work with, beautiful. She also cares how she comes across to people and how she looks. It’s just a great matchup and I was very surprised they’ve never worked together before. When I heard that, I said that would be a great scene.”

Mick Blue, who may be the busiest man in porn working practically every day, is money in the bank, according to H.

“Like them, he cares,” H. adds. “He always keeps in shape, has great stamina. He has a connection with the girls. He’s not one of those robotic guys. He actually has passion.

“He knows what he’s doing. When you have a guy like that it makes my job easy. You don’t have to tell him anything because he knows.”

Indeed, it’s a match made in porn heaven for not only the performers and crew, but also the fans.

Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Goddess will be released later this year.