On the Set: Asa, Jessica & Stormy in Wicked's 'Sexbots'

This article originally ran in the January 2016 issue of AVN magazine. for the digital edition.

It’s hard to decide what the biggest news is to come out of Brad Armstrong’s latest Wicked Pictures shoot. Is it the fact that it’s the first time Wicked contract players Jessica Drake, Asa Akira and Stormy Daniels have appeared together in a movie? Or is it the fact that Sexbots is as much a (first of its kind) commercial for those ladies’ signature RealDolls—life-size replicas of the Wicked stars—as it is another hot Armstrong feature? Those proverbial “enquiring minds...” will just have to wait to see it to figure that out.

“What happens is, Asa’s doll is going to be unveiled to the world and before that, The Professor decides to give it one last test of his own,” Armstrong explained. “She goes berserk and basically fucks him to death, and with his dying breath, he hits the alarm button so the lab gets shut down. From there, eight guys come running in with their hazmat suits; Asa is kind of laying there motionless again; they all look down upon her, and then she grabs them and then starts fucking all of them to death and discards them one by one on the floor—and then we think the movie’s over, but she comes out and sees the other dolls; she brings them to life, they all fuck and then are unleashed onto the world.

“See, originally, I wanted to do a gangbang,” he added, “so we started it as a gangbang, and then we wanted a gangbang with a bit of story and art so it wasn’t just another gangbang, so then we came up with the doll theme, because Asa’s doll came out a little while ago, so it’s kind of like a big doll commercial, and [Wicked owner] Steve [Orenstein] goes, ‘While we’re at it, why don’t we add Jessica and Stormy because then we can advertise all the dolls?’ So this scene has kind of a deus ex machina vibe, which is an old 2040 vibe,” referring to Armstrong’s futuristic 2009 blockbuster.

AVN was present for the all-girl threesome, shot in what looked like a converted factory and replete with all the staples of a sci-fi robot movie: Lots of video monitors displaying mysterious wave forms and scrolling lines of computer code; spare “body parts” like eyeballs, fingers and even a head laying on tables and stuffed into bins; and of course those giant glass tubes where the robot dolls stand motionless until activated.

And then there are the less sci-fi aspects of the production, including at least two of the three gals taking multiple selfies with their plastic dopplegangers, and with Jessica going the extra mile by tongue-kissing her lookalike, squeezing its boobs and even giving it a lapdance—while Armstrong uses what appears to be a dentist’s pick to rotate one of Asa’s doll’s eyes so it doesn’t look completely whacked out on camera.

Finally, the scene begins, with the robotized Asa approaching the control panels between the two “doll tubes” and turning a few dials to activate her “comrades”—who thank her with deep kisses before all three take places on the roughly eight-by-eight ottoman where the sex will take place.

And indeed, it’s a hell of a scene, with just about every sexual position girl/girl fans could want: plenty of pussy-licking, ass-worship and nipple- and clit-sucking; plenty of dildoing in each of the gals’ lower holes (though for a time, one of Jessica’s is blocked by her chrome buttplug); some daisy-chain pleasuring where Stormy licks Asa’s ass as Asa licks Jessica’s; both Stormy and Jessica getting in some face-sitting even as one or the other licks and/or fingers Asa’s pussy; and two of the gals teaming up to dildo the third’s pussy and ass. The point is, you name it, it’s probably in there.

And after that?

“Cue the commercial that tells you where you can buy your own Wicked doll at Realdolls.com,” Armstrong reveals, adding, “So there’s a little bit of everything: First time all-girl scene with three Wicked girls, a big gangbang with some of the biggest named boys in the business, and away we go.”

Fans attending the Adult Entertainment Expo will see the extensive sales campaign being mounted for this title, which should be released in late January or early February.