NRPW Recruits Melissa Coates

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and wrestler Melissa Coates has been tagged to participate in Craig Valentine's upcoming NRPW event, to be held at the Bakersfield Dome on Sept. 20.

A native of Ontario, Coates has competed in physique contests for over 10 years and has been featured in the magazines: "Muscle & Fitness," "Flex," "Ironman," "Planet Muscle," and many others. Coates has also wrestled in various leagues and was part of the WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) pay-per-view match "Backlash 2005."

The NRPW event will also host appearances by the Vampire Warrior, Dustin Rhodes, Buff Bagwell and Bull Buchanan and porn bad boys Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, and Craig Valentine.

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