Nikki Lynn and Raquel Darrian on Inside Edition

Inside Edition did a profile of adult performers Nikki Lynn and Raquel Darrian recently. Interesting to note, nearly every time the program made background reference to Darrian and Lynn's kids, they did so with video clips from their adult movies, accompanying the remarks.

Debra Norville: Nearly two-thirds of mothers with children in this country work, but not many working moms have the kinds of jobs as the ladies you are about to meet. Stacy Sweet tells us about a couple of women who are doting moms by day, but whose careers have raised many peoples' eyebrows.

[Lynn is shown waking up her son.]

Sweet: "Nikki Lynn is doing what most mothers do first thing in the morning."

Lynn: "My boys are my everything. Everything I do, I do for them."

[Raquel Darrien is shown cooing with her daughter.]

Darrien: "She's like my little angel. I can't get enough of her."

Sweet: "Raquel Darrien has her hands full with two year-old Brooke. These women call themselves career moms, they're pouring the cereal, doting over their children. They're like so many other women except in one very signifacnt way."

Lynn: "I'm an adult film star. I get paid to have sex on film."

Sweet: "Nikki Lynn and Raquel Darrian are two of the most famous actresses in adult films. Together they've made more than 100 movies. And they don't do just XXX-stuff. They have websites, pose for adult magazines and they strip."

Darrian: "I really look at this as just a job."

Sweet: "Some job. They are working anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks a month. They can make up to $20,000 a month and that's a large reason why they do what they do."

Darrian: "I'm trying to make a very nice future for her."

Sweet: "You're probably shaking your head right now asking how two can women do XXX films and call themselves good wives and great mothers."

Sweet [to Darrian]: "Are you a good mom?"

Darrian [laughing]: "I'm an excellent mom...and excellent mom....the best there is."

Sweet [to Lynn{: "Do you see yourself as the typical mom?"

Lynn: "More typical than probably anybody out there who thinks they're typical."

Sweet: "Most people think the worst of women like Nikki and Raquel. Just ask family therapist Dr. Brenda Shashona.:

Dr Shashona: "I think it has to have a negative affect upon the children. It's really impossible as I see it for it not to."

Sweet: "So what do these actresses say to those who appalled at their work?"

Lynn: "I'll do what I do, and you do what you do. As long as I try my hardest to be a good person, that's all I need to do."

Sweet: "Raquel and Brad are engaged and work together on the screen. They've been a couple for 11 years and are raising their daughter together. Nikki Lynn is married to Richard. They live outside Las Vegas where thweir sons five year-old Brandon and 15 year-old Rick. The little one only knows that his mother is a model. The older boy knows much more."

Sweet [to Rick]: "Is she a good mom?"

Rick: "Oh yeah."

Sweet: "Are you proud of her?"

Rick: "Oh yeah. I'm really proud of her."

Sweet: "But what happens if Rick is harrassed by boys who've seen or heard about his mother's line of work."

Lynn: "I tell him not to worry about it. I tell him to just look at people and walk away."

Sweet: "Nikki believes the key to raising good children is to communicate and spend quality time together with them. She's devoted to her son's passion - motocross raising."

Lynn: "In this society very few children have a mother and a father who care as deeply together at one time."

Sweet [to Darrian]: "Do you worry at all that what you're doing right now will have an impact on Brooke?"

Darrian: "I think about it. It might, it might not."

Sweet: "We talked to a parenting expert at New York University who says because these women are porn actresses, does not mean these children are doomed."

Ester Schaler Buchholz, Ph.D: "The emotional stability of a child depends on many other attributes rather than what a parent, father or mother is doing professionally.

Sweet: "Ultimately, botjh women say if they had to choose between their line of work and their families, they'd put their clothes back on in a second. But so far they haven't had to make that choice."

Norville: "By the way, both these moms were acting in adult films long before they became mothers."