Nikki Kane Splits From Ninn Worx_SR

NORCO, Calif. — Performer Nikki Kane announced on her MySpace blog today that she has parted ways with contract company Ninn Worx_SR.

Saying it was "an amicable dissolution," Kane wrote that she is "very zealous about this whole occurrence and plan to take my career in a new direction; one far more suited to my current mindset and stage in life."

In an official statement to AVN on the matter, company head Michael Ninn said, "We love Nikki, and we understand that she is making the decision to move on, and we support her in that. We will miss her. We wish her well, and we're so sorry to see her go. And we're really going to miss her when it comes up to the promotions for The Four, because she's got a big role in that. She was hand-picked for that part, and what she brought to the lineup."

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