Nicole Oring Makes Hardcore Debut

Nicole Oring is no stranger to getting naked while video cameras are rolling, but performing hardcore sex is new territory.

She delivered her first hardcore performance in the New Machine Publishing/Hardline Studios release, Nicole Oring Interactive, a DVD in which viewers have the chance to experience a simulated encounter with the South Korean beauty.

“This was the first and only hardcore film I’ve ever done. I’ve never really had the desire. I didn't want to sleep with a bunch of random people for money,” Oring told in an exclusive interview.

But when New Machine made her an excellent offer to do the interactive DVD with her significant other, the timing was right and she finally accepted.

“It was a good opportunity for me to do something I didn’t feel was crossing my boundaries,” she said. “It was so fun to make, and I’m excited to see it come out.”

Oring, a former sales executive for a computer hardware manufacturer, was taking pre-med classes when she got her start in adult entertainment four years ago. She attended a taping of Playboy TV’s “7 Lives Xposed” with her former husband, who was one of the cast members, and ended up being an extra on that episode. That led to numerous opportunities as Playboy producers contacted her regularly to be a Couch Kitten on “Nightcalls” and a Net Nympho on “Nightcalls 411,” not to mention the occasional shift as the roving reporter for the show’s “Weekend Flash” segment.

Oring has also been a regular guest host of “Spice Clips,” showing off her masturbation techniques and talking to viewers who call in. In addition, she appeared on Playboy TV’s reality dating show “Foursome” in February.

Meanwhile, Oring landed dozens of acting roles in softcore films that have premiered on Cinemax, HBO and DirecTV. Her credits include Black Tie Nights, Hotel Erotica, Sex Games, Thrust, Sapphire Girls and many more.

“I had all kinds of offers to do hardcore, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that,” Oring recalled, noting that it was director Don Fernando who offered her the interactive shoot after filming her for a custom foot fetish video.

“I’m old enough to know what I’m OK with and what I’m not OK with. I did all the softcore stuff and I enjoy doing it. It’s easy. I still plan on modeling and doing the softcore."

She continued, “I never wanted to be a famous hardcore actress, because this only lasts for so long - doing something that has to do with your looks. But making this was a lot of more fun than I actually expected it to be.”

In the DVD, viewers get to see what it’s like to bang Oring in several different positions including doggie style and reverse cowgirl, as well as see her give a blowjob, a foot job and titty fuck the lucky stud.

“I have a lot of fans that wrote to me and knew this film was coming out, and a lot of my fans are really excited," said Oring, who has been featured in a couple of Playboy’s special editions as well as landing a photo in the flagship Playboy. "I’ve pretty much left them wanting more up until now.

“I had a little shoot in Penthouse with a bunch of other girls, but there were no spread shots. I can’t wait until this video comes out."

"Nobody’s ever seen me have sex other than past boyfriends where we filmed it," she joked.

The starlet revealed that currently she is on hiatus to concentrate on school, but she would consider another offer to do hardcore.

“It really depends on the circumstances, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again,” said Oring, who is studying to be a physician’s assistant.

“I think by nature I’m a really sexual person. I thought, ‘this is going to be like every other film I've done, just 'ooh, ahh.' When I got there and I did it, it was much more than acting. It was real. It was intense. I was just having real sex, exactly what I would’ve done had I been at home.”

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