Money Talks: Reality Kings Walk on the Wildside

MIAMI - is one of the top-earning tiers in the Reality Kings website network. Banking on the theme of what people are willing to do for free money, the site is an amalgam of Girls Gone Wild, MTV's "Jackass," and Terry Southern's "The Magic Christian," a 1959 literary satire in which an eccentric billionaire stages outlandish pranks to prove that human greed knows no limits.

Launched in January '07, boasts the largest staff and budget of all 23 Reality Kings sites. This quarter will see the release of a Money Talks DVD line, a Money Talks Playboy TV series, and the launch of two branded websites:, and the user-generated upload site

"Money Talks was developed and put into production because we wanted to combine several elements of entertainment that move well around the internet," the Kings note. "We wanted to create a destination where you could go watch some fun lighthearted stunts-some completely mainstream and others with a sexual angle-and then view some amazing hot sex." updates every two weeks, adding 6-to10 clips of elaborate mayhem. According to the Kings, production is expensive and difficult to cast. "Shooting live action stunts is honestly the most difficult production there is, especially because we're not dealing with professional stunt people," the Kings explain. "Every day and every stunt is a learning experience. Imagine walking up to a person on the streets and asking them to get on a scooter-that is a 6 foot vagina-and to jump off a ramp into the ocean. That is a typical day at the office for us."

Nadine, a former VJ for Canada's MuchMusic network, hosts the majority of the site's events. The bubbly blonde stunner provides the play-by-play on extreme nude sports ("Naked Motocross," "Naked Roller Derby") and contests ("Anal Aroma," "Naked Olympics"), and helps coax girls to flash for cash. Nadine's cheerleading abilities have even gotten one female contestant to light a roman candle in her ass and others to do nude skateboard grabs on a half pipe.

The site's irreverent humor and outrageous adult-themed stunts provide the Kings the opportunity to virally market and its affiliated sites. "We aimed to create content that would be passed around the web, which is really what the younger demographic is known to do," say the Kings. "We have our own channel on You Tube, but others have downloaded our movie clips and posted them up on their own You Tube channels. We collectively have over 30 million views of our clips. We have achieved our goal to get one of our brands in front of an entirely new consumer base, and having them push it to their friends."

In September, Reality Kings expanded the Money Talks brand to include a XXX DVD line. Volume 1 features top rated exploits such as "Spin-O-Sex" (think Wheel of Fortune with titty fucking), "Cross Country Coochie," "Waiting on the Dick," and an unnamed bit featuring a girl riding a bicycle with a dildo for a seat. Bonus footage includes "Naked Leap Frog," "Lip Stick Blow Job," "XXX Spin the Bottle," and "Strip Wars."

"Since its inception this project has been created so we could release it in a variety of ways and via different media. Releasing the XXX DVD is just one part of this brand's entire strategy," state the Kings.

A serialized version of Money Talks will debut on Playboy TV in November. In addition, the Kings have produced a mainstream version of the show for DVD and broadcast distribution, and are securing deals overseas.

"This brand is only a year and half old on the web," say the Kings, "but, it's maturing and expanding very quickly."