MeanBitch, Evil Angel Weave 'FaceSitting Tales'

VAN NUYS, Calif.—MeanBitch Productions delves into the stimuli behind the fem-dom fetish and the dynamics of erotic power exchange with a brand new series, FaceSitting Tales, debuting May 6 via DVD and VOD under Evil Angel's Buttman Magazine Choice label.

According to director Glenn King, “The new series will focus on vignettes with the absolute best face-sitting fem-dom. We have always liked to think of ourselves as pioneers of the ‘erotic femdom’ genre, where beautiful women use men for sexual pleasure. It’s less about whips and chains and masochism, and more about men being willing to do anything to please a beautiful woman.”

But King said he “wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to do more storytelling. How does a man go from being a high-powered executive to being an ass-licking bitch? How does a guy go from being an adoring boyfriend to being on his knees kissing her feet? In FaceSitting Tales, each scene has an intro that explains the story and then each story shows the turning point of man into slave.”

The director described some of the fem-dom degradation in FaceSitting Tales: “A great way to show humiliation is to bring a second woman into the scene and let her laugh at [the slave] while he licks feet or kisses ass. Blonde sex bomb Bridgette B. turns her boyfriend into her slave. We gave her a pro domme named Starry Knight to help with the humiliation. In the Kimberly Kane scene we gave her two henchwomen to help her and laugh at the slave. But my favorite part is when slave Tom Byron gets beaten up by his mean boss in front of his wife, the incredibly hot Jessa Rhodes. How completely humiliating!

“The fourth scene features another blonde bombshell, Jacky Joy," King continued. "She blackmails her ex-boyfriend into obeying her every command while she uses her video camera to make it worse.”

King said MeanBitch is “constantly trying to find new positions and new equipment to better show you the female ass as it engulfs the male face. In this video, we are proud to introduce the ‘MeanWorld Inversion Table,’ which allows us to turn the slave upside-down so that his face is available and ready at all times for asses.”

Breaking down the allure of face-sitting, King offered, “There is no better feeling in the world than being on your back and looking up to see an amazing, round ass descending onto your face. There is nothing more erotic than having a wet pussy sliding all over your face while a girl uses you as a human dildo. And there is no better form of submission than a girl ordering you, 'Stick your tongue in my asshole!' as she bounces her ass up and down on your face.

“I’m excited,” King concluded. “I think this will take us a to a new level and reach an even larger audience.”

A trailer for FaceSitting Tales is available at .

Pictured: Bridgette B.