Max Hardcore Releases First New Titles Since Imprisonment

PASADENA, Calif.—Max Hardcore is officially back in business. The trailblazing AVN Hall of Famer has released his first new DVD titles, Universal Max 13 & 14, since his over two-year sentence on brought against him in 2007.

"I wanted to lay low for awhile, and with the help of some friends who have supported me over the time I was going through trouble, I was able to build the business up sufficiently to re-run a lot of the old popular titles and put out two new DVDs which had previously been only available on VOD," Hardcore told AVN.

"They were movies that I shot before I went in," he continued. "They hadn't been available, and everybody's been asking me for new DVDs. I had envisioned getting out of the DVD business completely, but ... my catalog has continued to work well and continued to keep moving over at Premiere Sales, and thank goodness; this stuff is still in demand and I'm so happy, I'm really ecstatic about it. I feel very fortunate."

Hardcore explained that it's been a year since he was released from the Gateway Halfway House, where he was transferred after serving two years in La Tuna Federal Prison, and that in the intervening time, he's been slowly ramping his business back up via his new website .

"They took my domain name,," he said, "so I had to set up a new one, and it's been a big job, a huge job. But it's coming along with—that's just a start right now, it's just a catalog site."

The biggest news of all, however, is that not only does Hardcore intend to release brand new material, he already has some in the can.

"I already have shot some new stuff, but I just haven't made a big deal out of it," he revealed. "The next new title that will come out will have new footage in it with some wild and crazy girls, and that's going to be in about two months. I'll probably put that out in October."

Hardcore said the business changed in a lot of ways while he was away, but he expressed immense enthusiasm about being back.

"A lot of people have supported me and have given me encouragement, including at the internet shows and the video shows," he said. "Even if they do want those catalog titles for a buck a piece, at least they want 'em, right?"

Distributors may order Universal Max 13 & 14, as well as over 100 other Max Hardcore titles, by contacting Big Paul Munoz at (626) 791-5800 or Drew with Premiere Sales Group at (888) 550-8621.